Ok, I don't know if any of these songs relate to abuse but I can kind of relate them to the way I feel about myself sometimes in ways which may directly or indirectly relate to my being a survivor. They are also all by bands that you could call "silly" punk/alternative. LOL!

Primus - Nature Boy


To me, it sounds like it's about being an introverted freak, who doesn't like much human contact....... ME! crazy

The Dead Milkmen - Life is Shit


What can I say that the lyrics don't say? Life is shit, the world is shit..... YEP! grin

NOFX - Bob


Maybe my favorite punk song of all time. In short, a song about a big alcoholic. I have some NOFX obsessed friends who say this song is about me. I guess it could be if it were called "Ken" instead of "Bob". cool

King Missile - Detachable Penis


Doesn't relate but it's an alternative song that's silly as hell so, why not?