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#427000 - 03/03/13 03:07 PM pogey bait?
traveler Offline

Registered: 02/07/06
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reading a post about workplace harassment, suddenly i remembered a place i used to work. i was in my early-to-mid 20s but looked younger. my immediate superior, the guy in charge of my department, was always bringing in snacks and sharing them with the other guys who worked there. there were usually only 3 of us working at a time. i got sort of an uneasy vibe around him but he didn't do anything but talk. sometimes his comments were kind of inappropriate, though. for some reason today i remembered the slang term he always used for the snacks - that i had never heard anyone else use - and looked it up online:

"pogey bait - noun Slang.
1.candy or a treat used to lure a child into a sexual situation.
2.jail bait."

"pogey bait, n. Pogey bait is military slang for candy or other sort of snack food. It first appears in U. S. Navy circles in 1918 as poggy bait. Itís still a current slang term, in use throughout the U. S. military. But whatís a pogey? It could be a reference to the menhaden, a fish also known as the pogy or moss bunker. Or, and I think this more likely, it could be related to another U. S. military slang term pogue. Originally, and the term is first recorded in 1919, a pogue is a young, homosexual partner. In more recent use, pogue has lost its sexual meaning and come to mean a soldier assigned to administrative duties. So the term might have gotten its start as a gibe at soldiers who kept such snacks, with their fellows jocularly accusing them of using the snacks in order to attract a sexual partner."

this is one of those times when i got freaked out in the present for something that happened years ago. now i wonder if i was supposed to be picking up on something that i was clueless about at the time. i guess i am glad i didn't get it at the time - it would have been pretty triggering then if it affects me like this now.

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Habakkuk 1:2-3

#427001 - 03/03/13 03:36 PM Re: pogey bait? [Re: traveler]
Suwanee Offline
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Deja vu.

For some reason, I remember reading about this term. It could have been last month or ten years ago.

I think it's natural to question this sort of thing after the fact. From what I've heard, "Pogey Bait" is pretty non-sexual today---like you said. It's a catch-all for junk food in the military---at least land forces. Word origins are fascinating---even if they are somewhat disturbing or unexpected.

My uncle was a Naval officer in the Vietnam era and he has used the word "geedunk" to describe junk food. Once, before a deep sea fishing trip he warned us kids not to fill up with geedunk before going on the boat (sea sickness).

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#427043 - 03/04/13 03:46 AM Re: pogey bait? [Re: traveler]
jay75 Offline

Registered: 07/23/12
Posts: 145

I was in the Army for 8 years and used that term very loosely, this is altogether a definition I have never heard before. Poegy bait was always only used when referring to snacks when not in garrison.

You learn something new every day.

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