Hey dear brother I'm almost blushing seeing you commenting my thoughts on this issue, lol. Just kidding it is more than OK to talk even on this matter with you wink
Yeah I know that some experience can't change someone's orientation but it could interfere adding confusion.
I can agree just partly to such "basic" definition of orientation as I or anyone else should feel good and not like forced to be attracted and that is something where I see the problem.
So I need to dig more and I hope I'll find some solution.
Relating to percentages and numbers they are more in favor of men I would be honest even response is always the same, lol.

I'm more concerned with my inability to reach and to be intimate with someone, no way that I could do that at the moment. There are to many fears that bother me and it has been like that for too long...
I hope therapy will bring some answers there.


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