Very interesting point of view in what seems to be very fragmented legal system that has "some" problems in dealing with protecting victims of abuse in US.

"The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) has expressed deep concern to the US Government about its failure to properly deal with "sexual abuse committed by clerics and leading members of certain faith-based organizations and religious institutions on a massive and long-term scale amounting to sexual slavery or servitude of children...

...NSS executive director, Keith Porteous Wood, commented: "$2 billion has been paid out to abuse victims in compensation by the Catholic Church in the US indicating a massive scale of abuse. Yet very few clerical perpetrators have been convicted and only one official has been convicted for facilitating the abuse. Hundreds, if not thousands, of clerics have wrongly escaped justice due to the continuing secrecy of the Church and the issue being almost ignored by law enforcers.""

Here is the link to article with full report included:

I'm ashamed by share of corruption and abuse of authority noticed here when seeing amount of money included at one side and low overall effects achieved (is there any beside media's rambling?). This is real disaster and failure on all scales. Abusive people would always tray to infiltrate to parts of layers of society that have power no matter if we are talking about churches, government or corporations, they are infiltrated there already as we know.

What strikes me is systematic lack of adequate response/tools to deal with it when we are talking about something as crucial as children safety is, there is no money worth more than one human life...

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