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#424058 - 02/02/13 09:21 AM Superbowl & sex trafficking
traveler Offline

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#424104 - 02/03/13 02:17 AM Re: Superbowl & sex trafficking [Re: traveler]
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#495178 - 02/09/16 02:31 AM Re: Superbowl & sex trafficking [Re: traveler]
victor-victim Offline

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more on this topic

The FBI and local law enforcement agencies announced the arrests in February of 360 sex buyers and 68 traffickers and the recovery of 30 juvenile victims in a six-month operation in anticipation of the 2015 Super Bowl.
The year before that, the FBI said authorities recovered 16 children between the ages of 13 and 17 and arrested more than 45 pimps and their associates in Super Bowl-related operations.
Those types of operations will continue this year, said Agent Doug Hunt of the FBI.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott said, "We are watching them, we will find them, and we will prosecute them."

"Super Bowl Special"

Letter to Super Bowl Host Committee & National Football League
Click to reveal.. ( Survivor Statement - trigger warning! )
Dear Super Bowl Host Committee & National Football League,
My name is A.H. and Im a survivor of sex trafficking. Im not a big football fan, but Ill never forget my first trip to Dallas/Fort Worth several years ago. It was 2006 when I was dragged there against my will by a pimp. I was forced to dance, strip and sell sex (along with five other young girls) for over a month while he pocketed the cash ($1,000-$3,000/night from each girl) and planned our next gig. I was trapped in a life I never wanted without any hope of escape.
You might be shocked to know that I come from an upstanding, supportive and loving family. Ive been an excellent student my whole life, earning a scholarship to college. I had dreams, ambitions and the courage to make them happen. Everything changed the day I met the man who would later become my pimp. He was intelligent, attractive and seemed to genuinely care about me. When I lost my scholarship due to an injury, he offered to help me and I believed he would. As soon as I realized what he had in mind, I tried to leave. He grabbed me by the neck, threw me down and almost choked the life out of me. When he threatened to hurt my family if I didnt cooperate, I knew I was trapped.
This nightmare was my life for over a year. During that time, we traveled to several states where I was sold at nightclubs, bars, and parties -- fulfilling a demand for sex nationwide. He was always there, always watching. If I refused to work, I was beaten and tortured.
We spent an entire month in Dallas/Fort Worth, where my pimp said the real money was. We were all young (some as young as 14-years-old) and thats what the men wanted. No one asked if we were being forced to work, or if we enjoyed it. No one cared. While we were being sold for sex every night, our pimp was recruiting other local girls from the Galleria, the clubs, concerts, and even McDonalds.
I lived in fear every day, hoping Id survive to see the next. It wasnt until I heard him loading his gun to kill me that I finally mustered the courage to escape. Today, Im a survivor. I share my story with you in the hopes that youll realize sex trafficking is real. It happens to young girls across America every day girls as young as 13. With the Super Bowl quickly approaching, you have a choice to help stop it. Dallas/Fort Worth will soon become the nations biggest party and every pimps center for business.
Please join me, Dallas Cowboy Jay Ratliff, and 65,000+ fans whove signed the petition in taking a stand against the exploitation of women and children during the Super Bowl. Every victim deserves the chance to become a survivor. And every young girl deserves to be protected and live a life free from slavery and exploitation.
Im asking you to endorse the Im Not Buying It campaign. By placing posters and billboards in and around the stadium you can deter men from engaging in the commercial sex market and save the lives of countless victims. You can make a difference please, what would you do if it was your daughter?
Thank you,
A.H., Survivor of Sex Trafficking


#495180 - 02/09/16 02:50 AM Re: Superbowl & sex trafficking [Re: traveler]
LinEar Offline

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Good. At the arrests.
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#495224 - 02/10/16 03:03 PM Re: Superbowl & sex trafficking [Re: traveler]
Nothing Man Offline

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