I'm not dissosiative. Nothing wrong with me at all.

I thought in the beginning, when I first came here, something must be severely, psychologically out of order. Many things could be said as to why I felt and believed this. The shame of not speaking up. The added and on-going fear that kept me silent in the most routine of everyday situations. Kept hiding as if I were afraid, not expressing myself as the person I know I am. The key to this in everyday progress, as simple as it may seem, is just expressing the p.o.v. I have on anything. Whether it's a conversation about poker that I'm not fully interested in, and letting that be known, or the conversation that deals with the loss of a loved one, and doing my best to show support when I know that's all I truly want to do. I guess, even now, my answer to this "problem."- The trick to being happy in life, is one I've came to many times in my past, and while knowing the protocol on paper, its' execution in real life, everyday, is no less important. Is still the only way to live and be happy on the inside. To express openly, to take up space emotionally, and not second guess the inner voice that leads- To stand or fall with my feeling and p.o.v. with no regret or explanation. To be myself.

I hope you are doing well. I hope you and I , find the strength and courage to be our true selves. To not hinge on other's opinions for self-satisfaction- Knowing the only satisfaction that matters is ultimately being you and living, and thriving with the results. Be well and I hope your and my true selves are shone ever brighter- Truer to ourselves than we were yesterday, and not as true to ourselves as we will be tomorrow.

Be well. Love and respect.

Most Often, The Child Inside Has Better Access To Execute The Flawless Potential Of Self.

Over-Ride Emotional Conflict With Rational Truths

You Are Freer Than You Think - Paul Berteaux

Come unto Me, all ye that Labor, and are Heavy-ladened. I will give you Rest -Jesus Christ