My innocence was worth say a nickel in your money back in 1964.
That coin is still in the canal where it belongs.
I would never have kept nor spent it.

It was all I was worth, or was it!
I am getting beyond what my life is worth, I am getting beyond not wanting to be me, even if it is just another calm before the next storm.

Little ste, is getting a little bit more confident, in life, he cannot keep climbing mountains of fear.

So someone was really hurting in life, and I gave them a real shot of repressed anger, and they dont come back for more.

I hated doing it, but I hate being taken advantage of either, they hurt so many times, I let them do it, then hit them head on and they flew off like they fled for their lives.

I always use this 'protection' mechanism, I am a good man, never hurt nobody really, but these ppl just were hurting me, so I just injected anger from the past, and I hate to see them squirm when I do it, but they have to learn that I protect the little fella inside me to my death.

I guess my whole life I got picked on for being so soft, but ppl have to learn to respect, especially if I am showing them respect.

Sometimes we have to show others that we too need respect even though they cannot see the hurt, they should respect others' feelings, not just their own.

I never did suffer fools gladly, and they ran out the door as soon as I turned on them.
Inside me it is like some Tiger that can snarl with big teeth to anyone who hurts him.

I protected all the kids from being bullied when I was a kid, and the bullies called me mad.
Not to my face, but I never let them bully any other kid or pick on anybody at school.

Just that look would stop them in their tracks dead.
They were dealing with an unknown quantity, and they did not want to try and find out whether I was kidding or not.

I remember a guy known as Tank, he was a half caste aborigine, and I knew he was a fighter but also my friend, and I told Lamble the bully to leave him alone, or he will kill you.

Lamble rebuked me by saying I am a n**** lover, sorry I cannot put the right spaces in, but I did have a good asian friend who was a best friend.

Lamble caused trouble with this new guy with racial remarks when the teacher was away, as soon as the teacher got back, I asked the teacher to have a word with Lamble about his remarks.

He was furious that I told on him, and he tried to get me after school but could not get past that look I gave him.

I think that I just looked at him and said, do what you wanna do!
He didnt dare, and Tank was my mate for sticking up for him,


Whoever stole the Sun, put it back and we'll drop all the charges!