Hi Marcus

Thank you for introducing yourself. Like your T has suggested, it is good to get into contact with other survivors and hear how they are healing or even struggling to start the healing. I have been on MS for over a year now and I am tremendously grateful for the insight and friendly words I have received here. Today I truly feel like a survivor and a man who has taken charge of his own destiny.
I am also an incest survivor and had a very difficult time about how to feel about my main abuser, my older brother. He had power over most of my life, but I have broken those shackles and am now living my life as a free man. It was a long and hard road to get to this point where I am experiencing an inner calm and have the confidence to look people in the eye when I talk to them, not fearing that they can see all the bad that I am trying to hide.
I hope that you will make friends here and find the peace that you so richly deserve.

When there are dolphins in the waves,
the sharks wont get to us.
I believed my dad that day
and became Dolphinboy,
my own protector.