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Otherwise, I'm a button down shirt and khaki chino kind of guy.

Me too! - except downunder we say 'button up shirt' - must be something to do with the equator. smile
Or least I used to be when I worked in an office. I still am when I'm not working on the farm.

When I'm on the farm I wear a lot of singlets (it is hot here - not very sun safe though) so it would be seen a bit. I probably need to stop wearing singlets anyway.

Maybe if it is at the top of my bicep rather than the middle it won't show with short sleeve shirts???

I don't know....at 35 it feels like a bit of a midlife crisis sort of thing to do. But then do I really care? Well I am entering midlife and dealing with this stuff is a crisis....So...

Lee - I'll get mine if you get yours. wink
More than meets the eye!