These excepts are from an article that will receive massive attention and e-traffic. It comes from a widely-read and well-regarded online "mens" magazine. LINK

"Recently, it has come out that there is a new allegation of underage sexual misconduct, and while I am highly skeptical about this allegation (you forgot about this for how many years?), it is clear that Kevin Clash is far from vindicated. He has lost his wonderful career as Elmoís puppeteer, and his reputation has been forever marred. No matter what happened, this is a horrible and very sad situation."

and then this:

"And remember, the allegations suggest that these men were 15 or 16 when they dated Mr. Clash, and they donít allege that they actually had sex. And this is if the allegations are true (and we really canít know at this point one way or the other). 15 and 16 year olds are not children. They know what sex is, and they have the capacity to consent or not consent. Yes, some people feel gross about older men dating teenagers, but letís take a moment and remember what life was like when we were 15 or 16. We were almost in college. Maybe we started drinking (illegally). We were experimenting. Some people experimented with sex, some with drugs. We may not always have made the best choices, but we knew what we were doing."

The article is open to your feedback if you follow the link. Need i say more?