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#415194 - 11/03/12 07:40 AM Anxiety, drugs and therapy
dales Offline

Registered: 09/27/12
Posts: 3
Loc: Australia
I am posting here because my therapist is going away for a month. He suggested I post here for support while he is away. I am about 4 months into therapy (this time). I have been in some sort of treatment for most of my adult life, mostly for drug and alcohol related problems and anxiety and depression. I'm not posting my story here but just wanted to share a few things that are going on at the moment. I don't remember most of my childhood. I started therapy with one image of abuse that i could remember. Flashbacks have started since then and lots of things are becoming clearer to me. I only remember a few times but I know there was more because at first I only remembered once and I used to pretend it didn't happen. Flashbacks are happening and things are coming back to me at unexpected times. Like a few weeks ago, on a bus after therapy. A flashback came to me and i went into some sort of anxiety attack on the bus. I was up the back and i don't think anyone noticed but it was so intense i was even making noises and i punched myself in the leg a few times. I felt like i wanted to tear my own skin off and then it stopped. I am having anxiety attacks more often now. I had one last night after hearing actors having sex on a TV show. I tried to stop it and ignore it but I couldn't. I ended up punching myself in the head and punching the floor and my legs and I left a bad mark on my head. It is a horrible way to feel.

I have had problems with addiction since i can remember. I have been to quite a few therapists in my life. I am 30 now and the first one was when i was 16 and theres been a few since then. I have been on lots of different psych meds over the years too but i am unmedicated at the moment and that is how i like it. This therapist i am with now seems really good. He is the best i have ever had and i feel comfortable and safe with him. I trust his judgement and i feel like he knows what he is doing and understands my problems in a way that can help me. This seems like it probably doesn't make a lot of sense and i don't really know what my point is. I'm just trying to say hello i think and maybe get some support while my therapist is away for the next month. Just to have a place to let things out if it gets too intense.

I started using drugs again a few weeks ago. I thought it would only be for a few days because I wanted to stop the feelings. I use opiates to do that because they work. Mostly heroin or codeine. It is so hard to stop using. Life seemed easier for a while while i was stoned. Anyway I have managed to stop now for two days. It feels better to feel again and I think the binge is over. I am having some withdrawals which is very unpleasant but it feels good to be back from wherever it is I go when I am stoned.

Thanks for reading...

#415195 - 11/03/12 09:17 AM Re: Anxiety, drugs and therapy [Re: dales]
Casmir213 Offline

Registered: 05/14/09
Posts: 851
Loc: Northeast, USA
Hello Dales,

It's great that you found a therapist that you really like and that you trust. It sounds like he gave you good advice to get support from MS while he is away. He really cares about you. This is a good place to get support. I hope that you can find the support that you need at this time. It's good that you've taken the step to post your thoughts here and talk about how you are feeling and what you've gone through and what you are going through at the moment. I think it will help.


I see recovery as a lifelong journey rather than a final destination, a journey, though, which can have many successes along the way.

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#415197 - 11/03/12 09:19 AM Re: Anxiety, drugs and therapy [Re: dales]
cant_remember Offline

Registered: 02/26/05
Posts: 1070
Hi Dales,

Thanks for sharing and being here. You'll find lots of guys here who can share your experiences.

I've been working on my anxiety as well. Breathing exercises and buspirone is what is helping me lately.

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#415198 - 11/03/12 09:22 AM Re: Anxiety, drugs and therapy [Re: dales]
peroperic2009 Offline


Registered: 10/09/11
Posts: 3819
Loc: South-East Europe
Hey Dales,
please hang on man, I'm sorry to hear that you are fallen to some bad habits. Please look how to calm yourself. I'm happy to know that you managed to stop of doing it. You have my hat off, you are very honest and brave.
It is always terrible difficult to stop our destructive behavior which are going and coming back like in cycles.
Here is terrible good article about braking pattern of destructive behavior which includes list of emotions:
Please share with us more. I hope some other survivors who have had problems with drugs could jump in and give you some other advices
Here is my hug for you


My story

#415276 - 11/04/12 07:47 AM Re: Anxiety, drugs and therapy [Re: dales]
dales Offline

Registered: 09/27/12
Posts: 3
Loc: Australia
Thanks for the replies. I am also reading the book "Victims No Longer" while he is away. It is an amazing book. Anyway, thanks for reading and saying hi.

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#415320 - 11/04/12 07:28 PM Re: Anxiety, drugs and therapy [Re: dales]
timothykoenig Offline

Registered: 11/04/12
Posts: 1
Hi Dales,

Have you tried to use self help program?

Here I paste the comparison of two programs:


There are two programs that surpass head and shoulders above every online anxiety and panic attack program: Panic Away and The Linden Method.

Both programs have been widely praised for their efficacy in successfully curing panic attacks and anxiety; they have been around for several years and lasted the critics of lots of antagonists.

Which of both programs is the better one? Let us make a quick comparison between the two programs.

“Panic Away” and “The Linden Method” make use of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Scientists proved that CBT is the most effective way to treat lots of emotional and psychological problems such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression and phobias.

There is, however, between the two programs a difference in approach, support and range.

Panic Away instructs how to break the cycle of panic attacks, to decrease your anxiety level back to nil with the “One Move Technique and how to apply it in various scenarios such as when you are driving a car, taking train or plane.

Charles Linden, the creator of The Linden Method, claims that anxiety is triggered by a malfunctioning of the Amygdala. This gland is located inside the brain and its primary function is to handle and memorise emotional reactions like anxiety. Charles’ method consists of retraining the Amygdala, to return to its original behaviour and as a result, to prevent future anxiety symptoms or panic attacks.

Interesting to know is that the Linden program has an audio, called “The Panic Attack Eliminator” which teaches you a comparable technique as the “One Move Technique” from Panic Away.

Because, the Linden method re-educates the Amygdala, which causes anxiety disorders such as generalised anxiety, panic attacks, phobias or obsessions, it can be employed to treat a wider range of anxiety disorders than Panic here to read more

Hope it helps, and keep us posted about your progress!

Edited by timothykoenig (11/04/12 07:30 PM)

#415325 - 11/04/12 08:34 PM Re: Anxiety, drugs and therapy [Re: dales]
Farmer Boy Offline

Registered: 08/23/12
Posts: 442
Loc: Australia
G'day Dale

Just wanted to say hi. We aussies are a bit out numbered here. While I'm sorry for why you are here - I am glad you found your way here. I have found the guys here to be very encouraging and insightful.

I started therapy with only one real memory but as I have progressed more and more are coming back to me. Turns out that a lot of stuff that I thought was 'normal' actually was sexual abuse. To say it is overwhelming is an understatement (I'm sure everyone here will agree). My T was away for a month a while ago (it was a rollercoaster for me) and this place kept me sane.

Keep sharing (it helps to stay commented) and I wish you all the best with your healing!!
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