Okay, I know this is going to sound a bit weird but, here goes.

I have ran into several people, most of whom are survivors who all seem to be having similar dreams, especially over the last 3-5 years. Myself included.

These dreams seem to be post apocolyptic, or post massive disaster and always involve a warehouse, school, gymnasium and or cave with a group that is trying to survive whatever happened.

In each, the dreamer is playing an important role, either spiritually (giving last rights) or physically with skills and knowledge.

I am trying to coordinate a chat so that as many of us having similar dreams as possible can compare notes. I hope to have enough participants by the end of the first week of November.

The chat will be moderated by myself and another survivor and anti-trigger rules will be in place. I have set up an email address specifically for people wanting to participate.

If you have had similar dreams, or simply wish to join us to see what the dreams are about please PM me here.

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