It could be the case that the news of a global elite pedophile ring is slowly coming to the surface.

The Jimmy Savile case in the UK is causing the curtain to be (at least partially) pulled back to reveal to the normals what many of us know for a fact: the existence of a powerful network of brutal pedophiles:

From the UK's Telegraph, wherein a victims' rep says: "But Savile was just the tip of the iceberg."

In the bleak days of March 2008, the world’s media gathered outside Haut de la Garenne, a forbidding and isolated former workhouse and children’s home on Jersey. Police were digging for possible human remains and other evidence after almost 200 former residents of the home alleged abuse, including torture and rape, by staff and visitors over many years, with claims that some youngsters had “disappeared” ...

The dig at the home was discredited, supposedly having found nothing, but even Harper’s critical successors in the investigation admit that at least three human bone fragments were found and children’s teeth, from between 10 and 65 children of all ages.

This used to be the sort of thing that one could only read in the dark corners of the Internet. This is a relatively respected news organization. Is it bubbling up?


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