I was roughly 11 years old - I can't remember exactly how old I was, but 11 sounds reasonable. My parents often went out for the evening, and as I had older brothers, there was no babysitter. I have two brothers, one 5 years older [I'll call him "B"] and the other 9 years older [I'll call him "G"].

The evening it started, B was at work [he started some part time work at age 16], Mom and Dad were out, and G and I were home. I went to take a bath and after a few minutes G entered the bathroom. Being a one bathroom house that was not unusual, I just drew the shower curtain. We chatted a bit, and then G opened the curtain - G was naked and asked if he could join me. I said yes. We layed side by side in the tub and G put his arm around me. He soaped his penis, then put my hand on it. He then soaped my penis with his hand on mine and slid it up and down - I then did the same to his. He did not climax and neither did I. He then asked me to stand. He soaped up my anus and pressed his penis there - it did not slide in and he did not press hard. We ended the bath, dried off, and went for our bedroom [G and I shared a bedroom, B had his own bedroom]. In the bedroom G applied some vasoline to my anus and once again pressed, but to no avail. He didn't pursue that. We then got under the covers and layed there side by side, naked, his arm around me, touching each other's penises. I do not remembering him climaxing. After a while we put on our jammies and went to our own beds.

A few weeks later my parents had yet another fight and decided they would have separate beds. G and my beds went into their bedroom, my parent's double bed went into our bedroom, and G and I now shared a bed.

Pretty much every night thereafter, we would go to bed, G would remove his jammies and then I'd remove mine. We would snuggle, our arms around each other, and stroke each other's penis. This went on for months and months until G got his own apartment.

Shortly after G left, I started to develop an undershirt fetish. I first started wearing undershirts in Grade 7 as a gym T-shirt for school on gym days. I hated the feel, but I liked it! I found that my masturbation was more successful when I wore an undershirt. However, I only had three undershirts and it was difficult to have one available when needed. I complained to my mother about being cold in the back and my Mom said maybe you should start wearing an undershirt every day. The idea excited me. She bought me one new undershirt, but it was way too big. I was dissapointed. I had some Christmas money and bought myself 3 tank top style undershirts, each a dark blue with white piping. Later I bought 3 more, each a lighter blue with white piping. I found them too warm for regular wear, but would wear them when I was aroused and always wore them as a prelude to a masturbation session - I had a hard time getting erect without wearing one and it was almost impossible to climax without one.

Thus, as a 12 year old there were two things I needed for a successful masturbation session: a Simpson-Sears or Eaton's catalogue - turned to the women modeling undergarmets, and a soft but snug undershirt on me.

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