Been there, done that. Now it isn't worth the drive (minimum 35 miles to a general T and 90 miles to one specializing in SA)

Besides, every last one of them has told me one thing or the other I CHOOSE to do is "unhealthy" and the two I did talk to an mention my special someone, told me to stop all contact with him and, that he was lying about his abuse.) *Inserted rage fit here*

No he isn't but, Ts don't believe half of that stuff so, no point in it for either of us anymore. No we aren't perfect, not done working on ourselves, but we can manage without T. Better than moving again, and better than dealing with people we don't want to deal with.

And yes, part of where we live is safety, isolation is safer than having a lot of people know where we are, but that's stuff for another discussion, and not one I'll likely post at all.