The post concerning Jonathan King has been removed because it has returned to being a vehicle for off-site attacks. As we stated when we previously removed the post, MS does not involve itself with off-site activities especially where it distracts users from the pursuit of recovery.

Since our previous request did not produce the desired result, we are now asking all users to take this activity elsewhere. We will not allow any further discussion of it, since it has endangered the wellbeing of the site and its members. The recent appearance of four of those who came to defend themselves from attacks, brought a totally unacceptable element onto the site which made it unsafe for our users. They have been asked to leave.

If users can not desist from using this site for off-site activity,. they will be asked to take a time out from the site.

As always, please do not discuss moderator actions on the site. Any questions can be sent to me at

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