I just returned from a week long healing retreat put on by my local SA centre. I must say I'm exhillerated. The things accomplished by myself and the other men in the group was astounding. How much I grew and found common ground to meet others on. So much of what we as survivors go through is internal and self directed. Coping strategies were varied as were ages, religions, and sexual orientations. Such a diverse group of men gave more to the program that I believe could have been accomplished by seperating anyone out. I spent 6 days, releasing and grounding, sharing and listening. I felt a comradarie i hadn'y expected. Perhaps our traumas awaken a spark inside each one of us who has survived that other survivors can pick up on. There was an energy of love and healing i have never experienced before in my life. So many parts of me i had kept buried under drugs and isolation came pouring out and were accepted for what they were. NATURAL. I find inside me a hope and a lightness not know since the day my son was born. I'm so thankful for all the facilitators and therapists who have helped me get to this point. My journey is a year in and while i still have a distance to go i have the hope and faith to carry on and struggle through the hard times. I would also like to thank all of the members here who helped me take those first few steps towards this process which i would not have had the strength to take without their advice and encouragement. I can get better. I know that now. It was hard work this past week and while i feel drained for the first time in quite a while it is from positive work not negative.
I will never ALWAYS be right, I wasn't wrong, I am whats left.