Silenced - movie 2011 - Korean Sub in English

Though it is hard to believe, this is the true account of what took place inside a school for the deaf. For about 5 years since 2000, the principal and some teachers committed inhumane sexual molestation and abuse against some deaf children. Though we do not want to accept it, it is true. It is time to face this horrible truth.

As a warning: There is no sugar-coating of the injustice.

Review: My most severe post-trauma trauma is the social injustice that lingers over this population of creatures. The earth's creatures, I have determined, cleave onto the lies, distortions and denials more than they will ever support the victim.

Humanity be damned! This film is fully in MY court! I am NOT alone!!!! Injustices is the order of this filthy planet.

Edited by Robbie Brown (09/23/12 02:09 AM)