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#408677 - 09/02/12 04:06 AM Re: Father Benedict blamed teens -"trigger warning" [Re: Ken Singer, LCSW]
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Originally Posted By: Ken Singer, LCSW
I think that the church did the right thing by condemning this probably senile old man right away and removing the interview from the website.

What were the editors of the journal/paper thinking when they should have killed the story in the first place?

*****Foot-stomping crazy-Rob Rant Warning******

NO F**KING WAY! This was and IS genuine news. Killing this story? Huh??? KILL THE FKING STORY???

This story is as f**king relevant as death and taxes! It shows the public the insanity involved in the Catholic Church and the bull shit boys and girls have to deal with. My God!!! The public needs to see the mentality at the top of that hive...even if...even if...even if...

Yes, he may be nuts, but aren't ALL the clergy rapists nuts? or mentally defective???

This story shows exactly what and who the enablers of the church ARE!!!

Kill the story??? Holy fk!!!! The Syracuse News staff may be facing criminal charges for "killing a story." They should be facing a firing squad!

Kill the story? Is that because this piece of vulture dung deserves to pass-on to hell without publicized, undignified crazy rants? FK HIM and the broom he road in-on!!

Just because his brain is decaying from advanced syphilis does not give the press any out either. Do we kill the rants of Charlie Manson? Hell no!

Any attorney worth his used toilet paper will be carrying this turd's picture into court as an example of the cover-up and enabling mentality....kill the fking story!!!

I'd sooner chop-off my right arm than grant this cancerous pathogen and his people any out from a classification of "crazy-talk." BECAUSE ITS NOT CRAZY TALK!!! THIS IS HOW THESE FKERS ACTUALLY THINK!!!!!!! and it use to be OUR jobs as professionals and survivors to show the world exactly WHAT and WHO rapes boys in the trust of clergy....kill the fuking story!

Anyone whom has ever read NAMBLA rationale knows that THIS is exactly how they think! "Oooh!!! Thank God the little boys came running to my rescue in my hour of need! It was all their idea!

The head of The Catholic League comes out and says these very same words!

Stop the bus!

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#408679 - 09/02/12 04:36 AM Re: Father Benedict blamed teens -"trigger warning" [Re: peroperic2009]
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And one Daily News reader had THIS to say:

HOMBRELOBO7 hours ago
When I was 10 or 11 an uncle sexually abused me. Several times after the first it was I who looked for more. I needed the attention perhaps, I don't know why but I sought it out. When I hit puberty he tried to touch me again, but I had come to realize it was wrong, dirty, not right and so I stopped it - I was about 12 or 13.

At any age after that, it would have been my initiative to do anything. I was mature enough to know right from wrong even if he did not. What I am saying is that any 14, 15, or 16 or 17 and ten month old knows how to say NO. He or she also knows how to seduce. (Granted there may be other factors involved, it is very complicated).

Stop the bus NOW please!!!!

#409443 - 09/08/12 01:35 AM Re: Father Benedict blamed teens -"trigger warning" [Re: peroperic2009]
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FYI, Groeschel was literally run over by a bus a few years ago and has had at least one really bad stroke on top of that. He's also very old and may at this point just not be in his right mind. I suspect this in part because his general reputation up to this point has been very strong as someone who has precisely fought against corruption in the Church and especially the admission of psychologically troubled men to the priesthood. As someone who has followed him for a while (though I don't know him intimately of course) it's very hard to believe that this represents his real thinking. Though of course like most of us I've been fooled by people before... but at least in the interest of fairness I wanted to give a fuller sense of the situation.

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