That last part made me laugh, and can I tell you....I have not laughed in what seems like a long time. Like you, I enjoy commas and also the use of the dot dot dot??? Do not know what its called but it is simlar to what I used in the first sentence ha ha. I am from Michigan as well, and I am just recently have a very hard time with my abuse. I hav lived just fine for the past 15 years, other then the opiate addiction, which I have beat for going on 1.5 years....yay for me smile

I am having a hard time with knowing if I am gay or not. I have a wife and 2 beautiful daughters, but my abuse lasted a long time and to be a sick way, I was aroused during a lot of it. This has confused me for so long. Is it abuse if I got any stimulation from it? I dont know. Well I hope you find what you are looking for and I hope maybe we can both get past our issues. If you ever want to chat, messege me...I have not figured out how to use the PM but I am sure I will once I get one. Take care.