An interesting combination of thoughts on this subject. It is true that this is a moderated, online support group; not a professional therapeutic setting. If that is what is needed, the person does need to go elsewhere; if they are of the proper mindset to do so.

The one serious suicide attempt I made was not 'announced' here or anywhere else in my life, to anyone else. And it was by luck, karma, 'divine intervention' or whatever that it was not successful, although I am quite greatful of that fact now. A serious attempt a friend of mine made, same thing, it wasn't 'announced' or hinted at at all. So as Dave said, who was it a cry for help to? Our own selves? I honestly do not know I was wanting death or absence of pain. I just knew anything had to be better. Honest? The end result in the hospital wasn't better. Was sick as anything, on the breathing machine for a few days, and then not trusted at all by the people I love the most for quite some time afterward.

Yes, to announce it here, it may be the 'attention seeking'. Or even as Danny says, it could be manipulation. This site has witnessed both in my memory. I think if anyone does that, perhaps the best response to to direct them to the posted resources, and back away. Because there may be one or two people here who have sufficient learning, training and experience to help someone who is at that point, but I know that I am not one of them.


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