Car fast and furious they are
classics to newest
muscle cars to the luxury ones
trucks to vans all the same

automatics to manuals
whether throw in drive and go
or shift the gears higher and higher
manual shift or speed shift

my favorites are muscle cars
sit me behind the wheel
stick shifts and suicide harnesses
brutal dubstep loud speed shifting is what i like

I learned to drive at young age
the backseat first then to the front passenger
then a "no wait son come to daddy i will teach"
an ultimate lesson for the young child to learn

Luxury ones had the more room in back
More room in front
comfortable seating and laying
AC but slack shit speakers for radio

Muscle cars are mine
the toughness and brute force of them
Dodge Chargers and Firebirds
Corvettes and Lamborghini's

Camaro's Z28's to RS and SS
Plymouth Cuda and the suped up Nova
Chevelle to the Cobras
Pontiac's GTO and the Challenger's and Stealth's

Trucks with big beds
One long seat
shit speakers again
Automatics and manuals from classic to new editions

Vans with little or many windows
my favorite the 1979 Chevy 3/4ton van
only one not hurt in
black on black with the graveyard and reaper design on it

fast and loud i like it
strap me in and let me speed shift
over 100mph and still climbing
music blasting from dubstep to goth gore metal

away we go
faster and faster we travel into an uncertain future
speeding from the hell of past
let me behind the wheel and let me shift it

the muscle cars are the ones i love
they are my sweet spot
while yours was the luxury and trucks
you went slow and i out ran you speed shifting

harnessed for life
speeding away into the future
not stopping
the muscle cars will take me away from my hell into peace
I don't want to look back;I just want to start again;Somebody save me--- Pop Evil: Broken and Betrayed

I want justice I want you overthrown;I want courage I want to stand alone;I want your arrogance and I want your pain;I want your everything and I want you dead--- Rev Theory: Justice