This is a bit rough, but hilarious.

Humor is one way the normals deflect thinking about the taboo of CSA; they make a joke and move on, often hurting our cause because it shuts down the conversation.

But this -- Jeffery Ross showing up at the Comedy Central Roast for Roseanne Barr dressed as Joe Paterno, that's funny, and funny in a way that supports our side and draws attention to the issue.

From the article:

Explaining to reporters on the red carpet, Ross said that the “P” on his jacket stood for “People who can take a joke.” He went on, “If they’re offended by what they see, they can do what Joe Paterno did – look the other way.”

Might have just found my Halloween costume this year...
But he grew old, this knight so bold / And upon his heart a shadow / Fell as he found no spot on the ground / That looked like El Dorado.