There is a place in this world, never seen by mortal eyes
A dark, dreary place, a place where no fresh air shall enter.
The fluttering of leathery wings breaks the stone silence.
This is a place in which a moth appears a dragon,
a drip harkens a foul beast.
sensory deprivation swirls through your veins.
Emptiness, silence, insignificance.
Into the endless black we stare, looking for nothing in particular.
But looking we are, even when we wonder why we so compelled too.
We grasp shadows, we embrace darkness.
We travel, as if blood cells coursing through mother earth.
There and back again, moving one direction, all the way around earth, until we come to the point in which we embarked.
Then we contemplate, Where have I been?
May the sun shine upon your face and the wind be at your back