I'm already on full social Security disability for PTSD, BiPo-with psychosis, Maj Depr and I think some other thing I can't remember.

Psych meds are not covered by Medicare.

T is not covered by Medicare.

I can't get and don't qualify for Drug benefit of medicare.

Because I'm a top-earner of Social Security, I make too much to qualify for each and every help-program I encounter.

Actual Monthly numbers:

$3600 income (including kids' benefits)

$1100 Rent
$650 court-ordered child support
$150 avg in court-ordered house maint of my no-longer home
$500 in copays for my court-provided insurance through my ex-wife's work.

So with medical insurance from my wife's employer, I was doing "OK-ish"

Now she's unemployed. No more health insurance. Medicare will not cover:

T: $50/per


$1000/month in asthma meds
$3300/month in psych/depression/BiPo/smily meds

$4300/month in meds with no possible coverage.

The pharma companies will not put me on assistance as "you make too much income."

I sought answers to the brick-wall I face as of today. I called Obama's peeps. I got:

-about 6 "I dunnos"
-3 "yes, you'll get meds but you'll pay a lot as you earn too much."
-3 "No...I don't think so...don't you have Medicare part D ????"

No...I make too much.

"Hello....food-stamp peeps...I was wondering...."

Food-stamp peeps said: "no...you make too much"

Why am i looking at living in a tent from now-on?