To all the poems seem to be pouring out of me today.

The night has gone into HELL
Trees show no leaves
Not rain falls, only razor blades
Sing Angels fall and rotting on the ground
The lakes and rivers have not water
They are filled with blood of innocents lost
Cannot find the light or soft voice to tell
All about the pain brought on to me
They have no heart no Soule no eyes
What the hell did they go through?
Why did not they learn from their passed?
I crave the lost love I never had
Look to cry hoping, praying to find someone to hold my hand
When I cannot see straight to find the light
The ones I found lied and broke me down
They needed more from me
I tried and tried and couldn’t let it be
I now can see I brought it on to me
I could not be honest with myself to see
We could have had it all if I was honest with them
Times are tough I asked for help but it was too late
I pushed and pushed the way I was taught
And now they gone, what could have been
I am learning again to move forward with life
The way I should have been all my life
They took it away with all the pain they caused
Of things that no one should ever see
I hate this pain with all my heart
At least I have a heart to see
New begins are in store for me but first I must say
I have not be true to me or others
No more coping wrong or hiding within
Trying so fucking hard to deal with this
No more false anger towards me or other
I know it up to me to become me
When times get tough I know what I need
I will go outside to look at the sky to wonder
What the hell did they go through?
Their hell is their own not mine today
The rain will fall and turn to water
No more razor blades for me
The rain will give me the strength to grow
What the hell did they go through?
Anything and all things are possible when you understand the feelings coming from you heart

Courage, honor, respect = strength!!!!