Hey guys, it's been forever since I posted but during some research I came across this article and thought of Male Survivor. I found it interesting because most often the medical professionals talk in terms of the psychological and or never address the physiological and this article explains both sides so I thought I would post the link. I am not saying that all medical professionals neglect the chemical side altogether but the mainstream thought process is to throw antidepressants at it and work on the software reprogramming but the deeper I get the more I am seeing a need for a closer look at the entire body and the HPA(hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal)axis most importantly.

The article gets into how the ongoing stress affects the neurotransmitters and can eventually lead to adrenal insufficiency but the thing I found most interesting was how the body uses stress to stimulate the adrenal's which comes about by behavior's or acting out so you can see that acting out is not only a psychological process. The article is interesting and worth the read, kind of answers the "why" questions in regards to addictions/behaviors and gives it much more clarity.


Thanks guys,

John O
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