My story:

In short, I was abused by a high school guidance counselor in the 70s who had also been at a church camp where I worked, where the abuse continued.

In the past week I've been able to put my ducks in a row, so to speak. Through a third party, I've identified another possible victim, a classmate. I've contacted the church diocese. I've contacted the DA. I've had discussions with an attorney well-versed in these things.

Interestingly, the attorney's intake form is like a Fourth Step (for you 12-step people). No dread on my part, except the volume of work. I've already done a lot of the work over the years on who, what, when and where just out of my own curiousity about myself. And the essay sections helped me dig a bit deeper. Have let it pretty much rest for a couple days so I can review it with fresh eyes.

Yeah, it's exhausting. But it's helped me create a focus. Over a couple decades of this abuser's presence he had interactions with up to a thousand campers and a thousand students...annually. No one suspected? No one heard or saw anything? No one said anything? Defies logic.

Except for a call - no written acknowledgement - the school has bunkered. The diocesesan rep sounds concerned and empathetic, has advised the bishop and their attorney, but has already invoked the confidentiality of some records...which sounds all too typical. lol...I also recognize I'm probably hypersensitive at the moment and hypervigilant if I perceive even the slightest hint of institutional reluctance.

And, yeah, I do get mow and trim the lawn!

For those on a similar path, I'd like to hear your experiences.