The important thing here is OUR recovery from OUR SEXUAL ABUSE, it's common ground and I feel that we ALL have so much to offer.
Who really cares where the help, advice and support comes from ?

The diversity of opinion on all the forums here is astounding, if this isn't the best site for survivors there is then let me know about any better ones.
The users here are a mixed bunch for sure, we're bound to be; we have such different experiences and just as many ways of coping with our daily torments.

In our daily lives as "normal" people we strive for equality, and minority groups have fought long and hard for every scrap of equality they have. We are a minority as well, SA victims have been, and still are, made to feel inferior and soiled; WE'RE NOT.

My personal view is that we just don't need any more fragmentation and dissention, we need to stick together and offer support to fellow survivors, and more importantly take support from anyone willing to offer it.

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