It's not officially "news" because it's not being reported except by Anonymous itself on Twitter, which is where I just saw it, but the Anonymous computer hacker collective is taking down websites that facilitate communication between pedophiles and perps.

If you're on Twitter, you can search for hashtag #OpPedoChat. Or you can look at the files and "dox" they have posted on Pastebin.

WARNING: Possible triggers:

In the past, Anonymous has picked fights with Scientology, NewsCorp, the US government, opponents of the Occupy movement, etc. And now, they have our backs, and more importantly, they have the backs of current and potential victims.

There is also, of course, a frightening component to this, that this work is being done by nameless vigilantes and not the "proper authorities." But that just makes it more important for us at MS to keep an eye on it.
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