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#402336 - 07/02/12 09:39 AM Where the hell does 1 in 6 come from?
whome Offline

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Loc: Johannesburg South Africa
Hi All

Had an interesting search phrase on my BLOG , someone questioning the 1 in 6 stats. I then started the search and although there are studies about CSA, that's it they are just about Violent CSA, they don't include adult rape, or the none violent rape of males.
So essentially we are working on really really outdated stats, and that in my mind is not good enough.
I personally would like to know the prevalence of Male survivors and what they endured in My Country. This will help with funding and treatment.
Any Ideas on how to find these stats, or what info is out there? Let me know please.

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#402340 - 07/02/12 12:06 PM Re: Where the hell does 1 in 6 come from? [Re: whome]
prisonerID Offline
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I in 6 is exclusively statistics concerning male CSA. The only stats I know of concerning male ASA put it conservatively at 1 in 33. If you search through the ASA forum here you will find references and links to those stats. I am out of tow and using my phone or would post the links here. I have never seen the two stats were merged for an overall number concerning "male abuse". I have wondered why that is so.

I would hazard that the CSA stats are conservative as well. I work with what is termed at-risk youth and find that many of them, both male and female, were abused.

Broad statements often miss their true mark.

#402345 - 07/02/12 01:22 PM Re: Where the hell does 1 in 6 come from? [Re: whome]
Obi Offline

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Loc: kansas
i always believed that the 1-6 were also csa stats... i also believe that, like daryl suggested, that the #'s are conservative because those are the ones that are reported.

there is a HUGE stigma attached to men/boys about being sexually abused. enough of one that many don't report it. i would tend to believe that men who have been abused as adults the stigma is even stronger and even less reported. hence the reason i think the #'s are conservative....

i would believe that the #'s are closer to 1 -5, maybe even 1-4....
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#402347 - 07/02/12 01:56 PM Re: Where the hell does 1 in 6 come from? [Re: Obi]
pufferfish Offline

Registered: 02/26/08
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Loc: USA
I don't know the origin of the statistic.

I do know that the rate of victimization varies depends on what region you're in. I've heard that it's 1 in 2 in New York City. In some areas it may be 1 in 50.


#402362 - 07/02/12 05:32 PM Re: Where the hell does 1 in 6 come from? [Re: whome]
Napoleon Offline

Registered: 04/07/11
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Loc: Utah
Based on the fact that I know of 7 of us that were abused by the same perpetrator at 8 years old... Only 1 never suffered from suppressed memories.... Only 2 including the one that had suppressed memories remembers. This was a violent CSA by the way...

I think the numbers are way higher...

Conservative is right…...
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#402365 - 07/02/12 05:55 PM Re: Where the hell does 1 in 6 come from? [Re: whome]
scottyg Offline

Registered: 06/26/12
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Loc: Seattle
I've always wondered about the validity of those sats as well especially when agencies collecting data readily acknowledge under-reporting by victims. I wonder if it's time to support an independent survey using empirical research techniques like they do for every other kind of study. In the USA it would be especially relevant given the headlines the sandusky case continues to make. However, on second thought that would be an extremely difficult phone call to make. Can you imagine how triggering those questions would be?

#402372 - 07/02/12 06:21 PM Re: Where the hell does 1 in 6 come from? [Re: whome]
peroperic2009 Offline

Registered: 10/09/11
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Loc: South-East Europe
Martin I think that is very difficult to find reliable and new statistic about this. The source for fact about 1 in 6 boy in US that has been exposed to sexual violence includes boys under 18 years, Source: Hopper, J. (1998), Child Sexual Abuse: Statistics, Research, Resources. Boston, MA Boston University School of Medicine. This study has been very much cited and certainly it has been conducted in scientific way, so what ever we might think this number could be as reliable as every other statistic. Those are just numbers I agree but I wonder where could leave us too much of questioning.
We need higher awareness on all levels in our societies, many of them are not ready to face some facts to face. Facts that there are average people who are violent in sexual way to children or other adults, no matter on numbers, even one victim is for me enough and even one bad respond to victims by officials.
I made short comment on your blog regarding this and by the way your last pics there is great smile!

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#402404 - 07/02/12 11:11 PM Re: Where the hell does 1 in 6 come from? [Re: whome]
Anomalous Offline

Registered: 03/07/10
Posts: 2106
Hi Martin,

It is extremely difficult to get "accurate" statistics about the sexual abuse/ assault/ rape of males, child or adult, since crimes of a sexual nature are the most under-reported crimes.

Pero has given you good information about the resource for the "1 in 6" statistic, which only refers to male CSA. I also agree that the statistic is probably low and reality reflects the statistic for girls, which is 1 in 4.

The lack of reliable information regarding the sexual abuse/ assault and rape of men is due to several facts.

First, it is rarely reported.

When it is reported, law enforcement may not take the reports seriously, especially if the situation is between two males. Unfortunately, the situation is usually regarded as a "lover's spat," and it becomes the source of ridicule, rather than treated as the serious situation it really is.

In the United States, the current defintion of rape only applies to females, which is a big problem. A new definition is being considered, but has not yet been adopted. Also, to "prove" that "violent crime" is "down," many assaults (of males or females) are "recharacterized" to give the public the false impression that the environment is safer.

If a "rape" is recorded as something other and then pleaded to in court as the offense other than rape, the crime statistics will show the crime on court record, not the actual rape.

It is a sick manipulation of the truth, for political gain, which does nothing for survivors.

So, back to your question:


Any Ideas on how to find these stats, or what info is out there?

It is vital to have accurate information since funding relies heavily on that information.

Ironically, it is difficult to get accurate information when the services do not exist.

The classic "catch 22."

If rape crisis centers in your country also provide services to males, they might be a source of the prevalence and incidence of the sexual abuse/ assault and rape of adult males. If there is a Psychological Association, they may have information regarding any research being done on the subject.

If you have access to the Psych Info data base, you will spend many hours searching, and you may find some studies there.

Other sources of information might be through the agencies that treat infectious diseases, though their statistics will be limited to the populations they treat.

There are also several populations to consider: those who are incarcerated, those who are not incarcerated, those who are in hospitals, those who are in residential care facilities (medical or psychological), and sex workers. The abuse of those who are vulnerable, medically or psychologically, is something which occurs at alarmingly high rates, as is the rape of those who do sex work.

The truth is, there is little information about the subject, because this is an "invisible" problem. Many clinicians do not have information about the sexual abuse/ assault or rape of adult males. It is something that just isn't considered, and it is not part of their education. Another barrier is the attitudes of clinicians. Some refuse to believe that adult males can be victimized. When an adult male discloses such an experience, he is often told he was "experimenting" and now has "remorse." Or that he does not want to "admit" he is "gay." There are also female clinicians with their own issues about men who will never accept that men can be victimized.

The lack of consideration of these experiences is a glaring deficit among the helping professions. And for as "much" information there is about the sexual assault and rape of adult males, there is virtually none about the frequent sexual abuse of adult males, outside of those with disabilities who are being forced to provide sexual "favors" in exchange for the care they need, or outside of the sexual abuses that occur institutions.

You may be the one who becomes the voice of education through In-Services, speaking at conferences for therapeutic professionals, and before your legistlative bodies. Only by getting the word out that the sexual abuse/ assault and rape of adult males occurs, will anyone start to take an interest in the fact this is occuring and in how to help the victims of these sexual abuses.

I wish I had more information. This is a problem on this side of the pond as well.

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#402498 - 07/03/12 10:27 PM Re: Where the hell does 1 in 6 come from? [Re: whome]
WriterKeith Offline

Registered: 12/30/10
Posts: 980
Good question.

I couldn't find it either when I've searched for it online.
So, I did my own analysis among the people I know. It went something like this:
someone, someone, someone, KEITH, someone, someone.

I guess I came up with the same number. (?)

#402505 - 07/04/12 01:32 AM * [Re: whome]
Smalltown80sBoy Offline

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