I spent my nights in a large US army tent, like the ones you see on MASH. An old green army tent large enough for 14. 11 of us slept in one very large army tent that only had 2 poles and a door at either end. We would play Gunn’s & Roses Use Your Illusion CD every night. We skip and start on the song November Rain. I still remember his FACE. Because he was Camp Director, I wonder how many like me repressed it? How many when they caught him it became too traumatic like a bad car wreck? I wonder how many slept though it and never knew? How many believed his lies that it was some scout master, that got away, and while face himself was guarding? I wonder If FACE left any of us Innocent?

Victim 4 slept across from me and had developed a number of odd habits before bed. He would stack plates and cups and other things on his cloths chest between him and the room. He would also tie the door in a way that it could not be untied without light, and put the legs of his cot on the tent.
( I now recognize they were to create noise. I wish he had warned me…) .

Verbal Complaint. A verbal complaint about youth safety policy violations was made by my mother to the district executive. My mother was running a day camp, that included younger boys but only for one day. My mom was in the top few people running that camp. Face ran his full size speed boat in and out of the kids in canoes. This creating wakes putting the kids are risk of being swamped. According to my mother FACE told the DE that my mother was just upset because I didn’t get the water front position. Nothing was done so far as we know because nothing changed at the camp.
( So basically I had to beg to get off water front but then face lied and said that was why my mother had complained. Water front was a position I was not qualified for nor did I want because I could not do life guard duty, what if some had droned? I didn’t have the ability to save them.)

Verbal Complaint 2. A Verbal complaint was made by one of the female college aged staffers about FACE. The complaint was made to the DE and included 2 specific complaints. The way he was 2 faced: He favored the boys, and treated the females badly. He would not provide help when she asked for help.

Two FACED. One of the college age boys says that he never saw face break any rules. The college age boy also says that he had very little one on one contact with FACE. Almost of all his contact with face was when face was in front of large groups.
(Little contact with the college aged boys but personally manages the high school aged boys? It shows the psychopath he really was.)

Written Complaints. An anonymous written report was made by My Father about face violating youth safety policies. This was sent to council office. He had attended as a committee member for 3 days and was not happy with what he had seen. He wrote a letter about face illegally operating the speed boat too fast in close proximity to kids in canoes and small row boats. This is kids just learning the rules and laws and Face was breaking them. He also complained about the fact that face had taken a boy alone out onto the lake with him. The highlight of a youth protection program that scouts publicized was that adults could not be alone with the kids. This was a Youth Protection Violation.
The complaint suggested going up to the camp and secretly monitoring him. My Father also called his troop committee and made sure they all knew not return next year, but he left me up there… His scouts always came first. He was with scouts when I was being abused when I was 8. His scouts always came first.
(During a latter conversation with Victim 4, Victim 4 learned that it was my father that made the anonymous report. I learned that the investigation had uncovered additional violations; and face was also bringing him to camp alone. Since the parents knew and OK’d that violation they decided that the violation at camp was also allowed. I never learned the results of other violations.)

Cum But no Cum. I awoke in the middle of a wet dream. I went back to bed figured it would be easier to clean up in the morning. When I awoke the next day there was nothing to clean up.
( I didn’t think anything more on this until after catching him. I was actually happy that I had “dreamed the orgasm”, because it was a boy in my dream. I spent a lot of time with just a few boys because only a few boys would take my badges. I would spend an hour a day with each kid, or pair of kids. They where who I dreamed about most offten. Not in a sexual way, but when he would molest me these dreams would turn sexual. The idea that I had climaxed to a 12 year old BOY at 17 bothered me. Not just because he was a boy, but because he was a child. In foresight I see I was no more attracted to the 12 year old boy than the 30 year old man molesting me.)

Crisco and Sun Tans. Victim 4 was out on the very end of the doc alone just laying there. There was no one to keep watch and I knew it was against policy to be on the doc without life guard. I told him he probably shouldn’t be out there. He said he had authorization from FACE. He was out there tanning. FACE had given Victim 4 some of the Crisco they spread on water melons to dive and retrieve for a camp game, and Victim 4 was using some Crisco for tanning lotion. Around this same time Victim 4 experienced his first ingrown hair. He had never had one and I had to explain what an ingrown hair was. He had started sitting on the doc without a life guard sun bathing. This was against safety regs.
(A tanned oiled pre-pubescent boy – Irresistible to the pedophile. Face would take him out on the boat alone. I wonder if face taught him to tan with Crisco while out on the boat? I really think FACE selected this boy and groomed his parents so that he could bring him to camp and molest him. It is really is too bad the Child Protection policies were not enforced as well as they were publicized. This tells me the child protection policies were not to protect us but to make parents comfortable about sending kids.)

The Boy who told. Victim 7 would take groups of boy out on overnight on “mountain man” excursions. Victim 7 had taken some boys out and someone had claimed that he done something on the excursion and he was being kicked out. Face was letting him stay the rest of the week, but he would not be returning the next week. A few of the scouts in the troop that I had been assigned had went on the excursion and said that it was not true. I talked to face about this. He told me that the things really did happen and boy who had told was the only boy taking my nature/weather class but that the other kids had also confirmed it when questioned alone. Face told me that Victim 7 had starved the kids and dumped out their food in front of them. Thrown throwing axes and knifes at them. When I talked to him he had a unique smile and expression.
( The unique expression I now recognize: I see this as lust for me; I bet he had a boner. Today this look from FACE would have creeped me out, but I did not understand at the time.)

When I talked to victim 6 about it, I only confirmed that he told. There was also more but he didn’t want to share. This is secondary physical and emotional abuse that was going on at the camp, this should not have been happening because this was one of the of safety violations. I told victim 6 that he had done the right thing in telling. When victim 7 had been kicked out but was waiting to go home he would spend all his time up on the porch of the meal house. When I talked to one of these two they said that things were exaggerated, just can’t remember which one told me this.
( I am beginning to think more and the more that victim 7 was the son of one of the adult staffers and one of the people who already prosecuted. I don’t have names yet… I remember him being too young to take kids out of camp, but I also remember he had adult privileges. This would make since if his mother also worked there.)

Verbal Complaints 3. The cooks son had been framed for some wrong doing. The cook was not aware of the sexual abuse at the time but reported that something was wrong with the man because of how her son was acting after spending time with him. She quit over the incident.
( The cooks son was being abused on the weekends when we “Play Boys” were not around. But I can tell you I don’t know why I know this last part.)

Fight in the Night. Toward the end of the summer Victim 4 moved his bed against the wall. Victim 4 had a series of unusual habits he had began to perform before bed each night. He would permanently tie the tent flap so it could not be untied without light. He would set his cloths chest between him and the rest of the tent. On top of his chest he would put a number of objects that would all make noise if disturbed. He had also removed his carpet.
( I only see the purpose of these actions and items in retrospect but did not realize the intent at the time.)

I was awoken in the night by a scuffle at victim 4’s bed. I sat up. Face came over to my bed and told me there had been a fight between two scouts and that I should go back to bed. He told me that they would catch him. Face took victim 4 out of the tent and I heard them talking for a while but could not hear what was said. The next morning I tried to get more information but victim 4 but he was not talking. When I questioned Face he was rude and yelled at me and would not provide more info. He was getting kicked out, I assumed it was for fighting… I sat up pretty fast, I had not seen the other boy… how did he get away so fast???

The DE saw every one of these complaints… He investigated only the anonymous one, and ignored the other complaints by decorated scout leaders. Both FACE and the DE were council employees, that were getting paid, and not volunteers. How could scouts ignore the complaints when taken as a whole?
�Your only limit within reason, is the one that you set up in your own mind.� Napoleon Hill, The Law of Success, 1925.