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#400236 - 06/12/12 06:47 PM urged to go forward
dragon Offline

Registered: 04/18/12
Posts: 355
Loc: on the river between Hades n V...
I sit atop a tree and watch two beings walk below
One older than the other but not by far
two princes of their own status
both bloodied and broken

hand to hand they are as they walk
talking to each other
each relieved in the other's presence
able to be themselves whilst in the company of the other

they talk of things they can not share to others
they know the others pain and tortures
they talk of the past and futre
they know each other's present being

scars and tattoos alike and different
they aren't afraid to walk together
each knows the meaning of them for the other
a relief for them i can tell

i feel for both of them
the youngest for i can relate so much to him
the oldest for he is the protector he wants to be
wise and strong even while being beaten down to submission

both lashed and cut up badly
barely no blood left in each
new scars that will form
each holding others pain and tears

i keep watch over them for i must
both crying their many tears that need told
both with new fears
both wanting the other to live

i watch as the oldest prince urges the youngest to go forward
forward away from him
the Oldest prince weeps inside but is trying to be strong
he doesn't want to scare the youngest prince

youngest prince is so reluctant to go forward
he knows it might be the last time he see's or talks to oldest
each wanting the other to be free and safe
the oldest urging the youngest to survive and go forward

urged to go forward and be the father he needs to be
urged to go forward and get well
urged to go forward in life and try to live and survive
urged to go forward and yet be very SAFE

Young prince with his head down begins to cry
cries and cries as he tentatively steps forward
He stops and looks at the oldest prince he has come to know
the oldest urging him to continue forward

my young prince moves forward into an uncertain life
he knows it could be his last conversation with the prince
scared to go forward alone in life
wanting to run back and make the oldest safe and able to live

my gaze turns to the oldest who is just sitting there
awaiting his death
contemplating new ways to try to fight and stay alive
he only needs a little time to survive and get safe

one more plan he has
give him the time he needs for it
make him strong enough to let him get safe
he is being soo very strong

my gave turns to the youngest prince
i notice that he has marks as i do
i am watching me walk this path alone
scared and worried about the fellow prince

i vow to urge myself forward
forward through the tears and panic
forward to become a father he says to be
forward vowing that the princes stories won't ever die
vowing that noone will ever forget their stories or pain

he is different from the world
always hiding for he must
never knowing kindness touch without it ulterior motive
never knowing normalcy most know

not able to wear what he wants to wear
not able to eat or drink what and when he wants
not able to be visible to the world
always hiding int he darkness to cover the pain and scars

his scars and tattoos can be recognized
fear and shame making him cover them up
branded and tattooed he can't get rid of them
he trudges forward still crying

wondering if a day will come when he can fully say his story
be able to walk down streets without people judging him
be able to walk down streets and not get attacked
not be raped or beaten because one sees the tattoos and know

wondering if he can go forward in life and be a good father
forward in life so damned alone
no one understands his life and most will not get it
he must be different to protect the rest of the world

he is the prince he was made to be
a prince and a cruel toy to them
he knows many horrors and pain
he waters things down to make it less painful for others
never truly telling the full extent of his life

alone and broken he goes forward
being urged by the fellow prince he left
crying and wanting to die himself
so damned weak and alone he is walking

urged forward to live for two sons he must raise
raise and get out of hell
can the prince live within bonds and chains
does he himself have enough blood to continue in life

I watch myself continue to walk alone and cold
i feel the tears i am crying below
tears of despair frustration pain love uncertainty fear
tears for a fellow prince

i come to realize i won't ever be alone
i knew him for a time
his undeniable streagnth he admits will continue to follow me
in an uncertain time and in case the worse has happened
he knows what to say and do
he knows to trudge forward for himself and for his sons

prince of night
prince of light
prince of death
prince of life
I don't want to look back;I just want to start again;Somebody save me--- Pop Evil: Broken and Betrayed

I want justice I want you overthrown;I want courage I want to stand alone;I want your arrogance and I want your pain;I want your everything and I want you dead--- Rev Theory: Justice

#400763 - 06/18/12 06:16 PM Re: urged to go forward [Re: dragon]
bodyguard8367 Offline

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