It was June of '83 I had just got through the 6th grade and was out for the summer! Next destination was to be middle school!

I had met a friend my age and we were into building a fort. One early evening my friend and I had scouted a couple of nearby alleys looking for wood for our fort. We were carrying some of the wood to our fort when a man who was watching us had come up to us. He asked what we were doing. He said he was replacing a broken section of sidewalk and asked if we wanted to make a little money helping him out. My friend said he would have to ask his parents. I was excited at the prospect of making money, after all, I was a very ambitious kid, I had a paper route, I used to collect aluminum cans to recycle, I shoveled snow for people in the winter. He told me to come back in a couple of days and meet him there in the morning.

I told my mother about this and of course she was o.k. with it. I found out my friend's dad was not. So I thought well more work and money for me. I met him at the spot where he met us before a couple of days later in the morning like he asked. I remember not doing a whole lot of work and I had no idea what was involved. We did more talking than anything. He asked me a lot of questions about my home life, like where is my Dad, do I have brothers or sisters, how old are they, what does my Mother do etc. I did not mind telling him everything because my Father was killed by a drunk driver when I was six and my oldest brother was 12 years older than me and living in another state. My next older brother was always in trouble (in group homes), sniffing glue, in trouble with the law, and had a temper. An adult male that paid attention to me was appealing. I had met a couple of adult males that paid attention to me in the past in the past couple of different neighborhoods we lived in and nothing bad ever happened. My family moved around so much, I do not know why. This was the tenth place we had lived since I was born and I was only 12.

This man's name was Phillip. Phillip had told me it was time for lunch, and that I should go home, grab some lunch, and meet him at a local bar a block away after I was done with lunch and we could get back to work.

After I went home and had a sandwich I went to the bar to find Phillip. I found him drinking a beer at the bar. He gave me a couple of quarters to play a pinball game while he finished his beer.

We left the bar to walk back to this 'sidewalk project' on the way he put his arm around me and was telling me that if I ever needed help with homework from school he could help. I noticed he had alcohol on his breath and even though I did not like his arm around me, I just ignored him. We got to the 'sidewalk project' when he mentioned we needed more tools.

He wanted me to help him get tools from this house a block away. So I went with him. We got to this house and He mentioned that he was house-sitting while the owner was away. He had invited me in and told me there was some cool stuff upstairs that he wanted to show me. In a bedroom upstairs was an exercise bike and told me to try it out while he went to round up some tools.

He came back up and stated that we are here because we are going to have a "grill session". He told me to take my clothes off. I started to cry. I took a little pocket knife I had brought because something told me that morning to bring it in case this guy was weird. A little voice inside that morning told me something bad might happen but I ignored it. He saw the knife and laughed and took it from me. He demanded I take my clothes off. I kept crying as I took my clothes off. I was naked and he told me to face the wall. He was inspecting my rear and feeling my rear as I kept crying. He took me to the bathroom on that upstairs level and told me to take a shower and then I could go home.

I took a shower, in the meantime I notice bars on the upstairs bathroom window so escaping through the window was not an option, besides Phillip said I could go home after the shower. After the shower he told me I could not put my clothes on yet.

I was starting to get the feeling he was not going to let me go. The phone rang, he answered. I thought this is my time for escape! I started to run downstairs to the front door, as I ran I heard him say that he has to go and he would call that person back later. He chased me as I ran to the front door. When I got to the door, the door was locked and it needed a key just to unlock it from the inside. It was clear to me that I was locked in this house. I was crying really hard and told him that I just wanted to go home. He ordered me back upstairs.

He told me that if I pulled that again he was going to kill me. He stated he was in the military and that he was trained on how to kill by ripping my adams apple out of my throat so fast it would kill me instantly. He told me that If he let me go that I never tell anyone because he would go to prison and when he gets out he will kill me and my mother and brother.

He demanded that I drink a beer. He told me he was just teaching me a lesson. He told me to never just openly tell people who ask about my family my family story because people like him could take advantage of me. He called me stupid and that I had a "one track mind" He demanded that I "dance" with him. While I "danced" with him naked, he told me to try to kick him in the balls and try to get away. I mentioned I was too scared then he said I better be because If I try that he will kill me right away.

He sat down on a chair and demanded I sit on his lap. He kept on fondling my penis and privates while I cried. I noticed he drifted off a little. It was also starting to feel really late in the day. I kept crying and started to mention that I wanted to leave. He then got angry and forced me to a bedroom. He threw me on the bed and ordered me face down.

He asked if I wanted it wet or dry. I did not know what he was talking about and I replied dry because I just wanted to go home. He pulled his pants off and stuck his penis in my rear. He told me if his penis happens to slip out of my rear and I neglect to tell him, he will kill me. While he was doing this, I saw part of my soul leave my body and float out of the nearby window.

When he was done he told me to put my clothes back on. He again told me that if I go to the police, he will kill me and my family. I reassured him that I would not tell anyone and I just wanted to go home. We left this house and I had to walk back to his house with him just so I could get my bicycle that I left there. As I walked back I saw my mother driving around looking for me with a couple of neighbors. I told my Mom I was just going to get my bike and would be home soon.

When I got home, my Mother asked me if this guy did anything to me I told her he did not do anything to me. At that point I did not care about anything except that I was super happy to be back home and still alive.

After that I did not see Phillip again until the next winter at a grocery store. He did not see me and I ran back home scared.

The next time I saw him I was 19 in the court room testifying against him.

I had vowed to myself a few years after the rape that I was going to set off to kill Phillip. When I was eighteen I finally told my Mother. My Mother told me when she was looking for me that she knew something bad was happening to me. The only thing I knew about this guy was that his name was Phillip. I did not know his last name. Of course he had longed moved since my rape.

After I told my Mother what happened, my mother had mentioned to me one day that she read in the local newspaper about a man named Phillip who was in prison trying to get a child molestation conviction overturned. It had mentioned his last name but I just told my Mother that Phillip is such a common name and I did not believe it was him.

Later when I was 18 I decided I was going to track Phillip down. I went to the main library and found the name of the person who owned the house that I was raped in. I looked him up in the phone book. I called him and acted like I was looking for a guy named Phillip who did concrete work for him back in '83 and I wanted to hire him. The man told me that Phillip was in prison for child molestation. I asked him if he knew Phillip's last name and he told it to me. I then told the owner of the house that I was another one of his victims and was going to the police. I told the house owner that the police might need to talk to him since the crime took place in his house.

Well I could not kill him because he was in prison. I remembered about my Mother telling me about newspaper article about the Phillip who was trying to get his conviction overturned. I remembered about what time period my Mother told me about this. I went to the main library and looked at a few local newspapers from that time period that the library had on micro-fish. I found the article and the full name of this Phillip and it matched the last name that the owner of the house told me it was.

I then went to the police station and interviewed with the sex crimes against children detective. He had me fill out a report.

We went to court and he pleaded guilty he got 22 years which was to run concurrent with the 20 years he was already serving. The kid who put him in prison was raped after me. I soo wished that I was brave enough to go to the police after I was raped. I could have prevented this from happening to the victim after me. I also found out that with that case the low life scum pleaded not guilty and made that poor kid go through a trial. I also found out that he already had a record. In 69 he kidnapped someone in his home state.

He is out now. Has been for about six years. In the day of the information highway I had been searching for him and could not find him until last Labor Day weekend. He was arrested in his home state for d.u.i. with his mug on a website.

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