This is an updated version of my story.

My early childhood was a happy one from what I can remember. I did have some health problems as a toddler so my mum says.
Things however weren't always so good. As I grew up my father always put me down. I had some difficulties at primary school with my handwriting. The school were very good always looking for ways to help me, but my father just gave up on me at the age of eight. It was as though I wasn't worth anything to him. He was also violent towards me and my brothers. Whenever anything went wrong at home I always got the blame which meant punnishment.
My self worth was nil as I went to secondary school. Over the next two years my self esteem was slowly destroyed by my father who never wanted to know about how well I did. Home life was bad for my mum as well.
Then in the summer of 1985, i was 13. One august afternoon while my elder brother was out with his friends and my mum was out with my little brother. Our builder/decorator came round to see my mum. I said she was out. He sat next to me on the setee and started to talk about masterbation. Then he put his hand down my trousers and wanked me off. He told me it was normal and not to tell anyone.
After this he came round every two or three weeks just popping in for a cup of tea. The real reason was to reinforce the normallity of what happened. This went on for years. Then some 7 years later he tried it on while I was at work where he was doing some contract work. He cornered me in the toilets. I just locked my self in the cubicle until he had gone. It still took me 18 years to realise what happened to me. For all of these years i thought it was normal.
I am chiped but not broken