Stepping back a moment to "what is life like".

My life is filled with a myriad of emotions, experiences and relationships. I "feel" life on so many levels, whether it be a time filled with suffering or a time of joyous celebration my emotions are epic. I experience times of escape, where I retreat into a child like fantasy world of fairies and make believe that all is good and there is only peace and love. I get so angry sometimes I can feel the heat radiate from every cell in my body (truth is this will only be done in private).

Life for me is totally amazing, regardless of a good or bad day, regardless of having to go through "terminal" illness, regardless of abuse of so many forms, regardless of devastating loss, even regardless of personal success.

I'm not always positive or a ray of sunshine on a chilli winter morn. But I am always true to myself. I don't use my past as an excuse for my future, I use today to its fullest and appreciate my loved ones as much as I can in everything possible. Yes I also fall down, I am so far from perfect its scary but I have learnt not to despise my short comings.

Normal - I don't do anything normal. If there is a complicated way to do something I will find it.
Eccentric - apparently that's how I am described and I'm content being myself.

Just be yourself as everyone else is taken.