Here 2 HELP NW (Healing:Empowerment:Life/Love:Purpose)

We understand that sometimes the gap between knowing you want HELP and knowing how to go about getting it can be daunting and intimidating. We are here as a community to be a bridge and buffer between the community and agencies of support.

Join us for 2 Interactive Break Out Sessions and a community panel of experts, professionals, and thought leaders. Each Here 2 HELP NW will highlight real world challenges, and will provide attendees with tools to move forward and resources to support and assist them.

Our first topic is: Conquering Abuse in Our Communities

Sponsored lunch thanks to Popeye’s Chicken & Popchips

Break Out Sessions
HELP 4 Parents: Are You Tuned In?
HELP 4 Leaders: Are You Covered?
HELP 4 Me & My Family: What now? Moving Forward.

Here 2 HELP nw More information coming soon!
Justice Calo Reign
Empowerment & Excellence
The Reign Group