Hi Everyone,
I have been documenting my journey of healing through video updates. It takes me awhile to type right now so vlogging is easier. My abuse was when I was around 4 and it was older teens over a period of time. I had repressed the memories until now and I'm currently 46. I had no idea that any of this took place and now my mind is unleashing details that are horrendous. I have been in inpatient facilities and have PTSD and Severe depression. My once so called happy life has taken a major detour. I hope my videos help others because I know way to many people that have been swallowed up by the system or lack there of here in Arkansas. I am very public about my CSA because people have no idea what we go through. I had never heard about any of this before it happened to me. I do not want that for others. We must help the silent voices. My video links are below.
Stay Strong,
My Story of CSA

My Story of CSA: The Day God Entered My Heart

My Story of CSA: "Flashbacks" (Trigger Caution)