I will start this with I am not a great speller or do I use puncuation very well, as my school years were very hard.

It started when I was 8 with my mom after my dad was in a very bad accident and spent several months in the hospital and then in a hospital bed at home. She had convinced me but telling me it was something all mommy's did to make sure the boy was in working order so I allowed it even though it didnt seem right even then.

The abuse continued till I was 17 when I left,ran away whatever you wanna call it. See my room was upstairs and even after my dad recovered enough to work he couldnt perform anymore and he never came upstairs because he couldnt make the climb. I guess it's stupid but I never blamed him for anything that happened, even if I know he had to know or I thought and still think he did.

There was a time they had a huge fight over something but I didn't know what it was then, not realizing how the whole human body anatomy thing worked I just knew that about 9 months later I had a baby sister. At his time i was just about to turn 10. And all I knew was I never wanted her to have to go through what I was going through.

Anyway after several more yrs, of the abuse I left I can't begin to tell you the things I was made do, and how I was traded around for whatever reasons. I know they day I left was the greatest nights sleep I had gotten in almost 10yrs.

My sister thankfully never went through any of that as I was either smart enough or dumb enough at the time to have CPS look into her paternity once I got work. My mom spent 10 days in county total due to some kinda limitation laws and some other legal BS. My dad is and even then was so frail he is still with her and she tends to him because without him she has no income.

When I see my dad I have to send my uncle to pick him up because she has an order of protection against her for my sister. Of course now we are both old enough to handle our selves but it's just easier that way.

It really hurts because we used to have a great family life and its so ugly now my kids and my sisters kids have no grandparents on our side we dont tell them they're dead they just live to far away. We allow calls and gifts because we screen them all but i'm not sure what I will tell them when they are old enough to figure it out, sadly I kinda hope they're not around long enough for that to happen.

anyway this is my story kinda sorta I hope it's not offensive to anyone I'm just not sure how else to tell it.
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