Christopher Hitchens a vocal and vociferous aponent of the churches handling rampant CSA perpetrated by the catholic church passed away recently. His memorial was held recently.

He would hold anyone's feet to the fire where injustice was ingrained. The world lost a great voice.

Here is his interview about the Wisconcin cases a few years ago. He pulls no punches for what he accurately called "rape and torture of children"

In my group of 8 , 2 were priest victims and at the WoR I attended, several. My buddy said there were a few churches in his illinois town, and he knew from of other boys at other churches of priests and teachers that were "moved". He said his priest said he was just letting the alter boys experience - Huge trigger warning. "the rod of god". What words does a school age kid have to argue with THAT.
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WoR Barrie 2011