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#394403 - 04/22/12 02:01 AM .
Life's A Dream Offline

Registered: 08/25/11
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#394433 - 04/22/12 09:41 AM Re: If you believe in demonic activity [Re: Life's A Dream]
nltsaved Offline

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This is an easy one really because all you need to do is realize the lustful acts controlling ones inner self . The demonic is real the spiritual is real. I do not understand how people can deny this battle that rages on within themselves.

You want to do right but can not why can you not ask yourself that question. Because there are forces pulling you one way or the other it is ultimately up to us to make the choice .

Some forces are stronger than others . The lustful spirit is one of the easier ones to describe it will have you doing things you NEVER thought possible venturing into uncharted territories really fast . You could be looking at reg porn and than gay and than some weird ass shit before you know it your lustful spirit is going to places you would never dear tell someone .

This is one of the best ways to describe a spirit . Sin is NEVER satisfied always on a quest for more this is why people are struggling so much they are trying to do battle with self will and all these physiological analytical methods. These are spiritual forces and can only be over come with the blood of Jesus only the Supernatural work of the Holy Spirit literally the spirit of God within you .

Anger is another one that is easy you can get so overcome with anger you could kill someone even the nicest guy on the block can be so overcome with this force and kill in seconds and than the spirit leaves leaving him to face the wrath afterwords .

The same with lust after the spirit is in you and you have given in to it you will be on the high of the chase and pursuit of the desires of that nature than after it has you all into it and talked into what you know to be wrong but you give in anyway than boom it leaves you and you feel helpless it is not longer you friend any more it no longer wants nothing to do with you. It leaves you guilty and shameful but in the beginning it gave you all these promises of pleasure and need of it .

This is the best way i can describe it and someone who does this to kids will be so overcome that they keep doing it and doing it no matter what the outcome they can not stop because they are influenced so much .

I will not debate this so that is my 2 cents
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#394450 - 04/22/12 10:57 AM Re: If you believe in demonic activity [Re: Life's A Dream]
traveler Offline

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i do believe in God. and yet there is also extreme evil in the world.

if you believe in the God described in the Bible, it's pretty inconsistent not to believe in opposing forces of good and evil. and of course the Bible speaks about both angels and demons. i think that there are both people who underestimate and others who overestimate the activity of either or both angels and demons. i don't attribute all bad stuff in the world to demon activity, but i do think that in some cases that is not only possible but probable.

some bad stuff just comes from the fact that all of us have a human nature that is capable of doing right or wrong. and far too often, humans choose wrong - what the Bible calls sin. hard for any of us survivors to deny that one - whatever you want to call it. and ultimately - all evil, sin and bad stuff can be traced back to going against God - whether it is Satan, demons, sin or human nature.

that's how i see it.

"The wound is the place where the light enters you."
- Rumi

#394467 - 04/22/12 03:12 PM Re: If you believe in demonic activity [Re: Life's A Dream]
Asmodeus Offline

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Loc: Vestavia, Alabama, USA
I do believe in the duality of positive and negative forces that are above us. Aside from believing that humanity and existance as we know it was created by the devil, in his image, there really isn't any difference between what I believe and people of Abrahamic faiths believe in. So I am open to the possibility of demonic posession being real and playing a role in sexual abuse.
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#394485 - 04/22/12 06:42 PM . [Re: Asmodeus]
Life's A Dream Offline

Registered: 08/25/11
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#394503 - 04/22/12 09:39 PM Re: If you believe in demonic activity [Re: Life's A Dream]
Avery46 Offline

Registered: 09/23/10
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Loc: USA

I believe ALL sexual activity with children is demonic. Even if the perpetrator(s) do not label the abuse as demonic, it is demonic.

Responding to the issue of demons automatically brings to mind the issue of the Creator.

I know in my being the power of demons/Satan. We do not wrestle with just physical/sexual abuse but we wrestle with the spiritual world. I was able to talk with a person who was "drunk" a couple of days ago. Talking with him reminded me of what it was like for those who cared for me when I was drunk. When I drank I was hostile/demonic. I was drinking to cover up the awfulness/demons that were inside me. When I stopped drinking I have been able to access the goodness in this world.

For me this issue of spirits/demons is not up for debate. The look in a persons eyes, who are in trouble for whatever reason tells the true story of the soul.

I know my "creator" now. I am no longer under the bondage of demons for which my abusers where. I no longer listen to the lies I was told in my childhood that carried over into my adulthood.

There is eternal hope.

Great question/issue - LAD.

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