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#390610 - 03/25/12 01:54 AM farewell - crossroads
Avery46 Offline

Registered: 09/23/10
Posts: 1243
Loc: USA
I am at a crossroad in MY life's journey. I am at a much better place emotionally than I have ever been.

I have damaged relationships that is for sure. My past including my childhood are a mess. There has been good times.

I am sensing the following:

1. I have a closer walk with God. I actually "feel" his loving grace all around me.
2. My friends who are in my life on a consist basis - say I am looking well.
3. I feel less stress.
4. My heart does not feel it is about to come out of my chest - the anxiety of my body is gone.
5. I can actually stand up to others who are confronting me without flinching.
6. I "want" to better myself. Most of my life I have went to work or school to get away from others. (what will I do I have no idea)
7. I feel loved by others.
8. I am no longer "needing others" to be complete with me.
9. I trust myself and others.
10. I can feel my feelings - sadness, joy, anger, etc.
11. I accept what has happened to me.
12. I accept/forgive others who have done wrong to me.

I say I am at a crossroad because I feel a need to focus on just being me without the abuse and its affect on my life. I spend some time each day communicating with you "fine!" folk. I admire you all - your strength, courage, and unity is inspiring. You have all given me encouragement when I needed it.

I need to learn to love myself and others. I need to continue to give to others and accept what others give to me. I have been sober from alcohol for a year now and from sex for over 2 years.

In my in-person support group a couple of weeks ago the statement was made "do you feel there are success stories". Well, I consider myself a success story. I can handle emotions, ask for help, be with myself, and be with others.

I say all of this to say I feel a need to take a break from here.

I will check in from time to time. This has been home for me during some rough times.

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! I wish you all the best life has to offer.


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aka DJsport

#390633 - 03/25/12 03:52 AM Re: crossroads [Re: Avery46]
pufferfish Offline

Registered: 02/26/08
Posts: 6875
Loc: USA

I think you are doing well. That's a good post. You have put some careful thinking and writing into it.

I read your post in facebook.

I'm going to write a post soon about my relationship with my mother. I think that I was a very angry boy and she was a difficult woman. But I think I have really reached a new level of insight as to what happened in our relationship as a result of early sexual abuse outside of the home. I'm going to post this when I have a little more time.


#390645 - 03/25/12 06:09 AM Re: crossroads [Re: pufferfish]
traveler Offline

Registered: 02/07/06
Posts: 4285
Loc: resettling in NE Ohio
Go with all good wishes for the best that life can offer you.
Sounds like you are in a good place.
Well done.
You have helped many of us here along the way.
Remember that you are always welcome back.
Don't forget us.
You have many friends here who admire and respect you.
We love you.
I will miss you, kind and gentle friend!!!

How long, LORD, must I call for help, but you do not listen?
Or cry out to you, “Violence!” but you do not save?
Why do you make me look at injustice?
Why do you tolerate wrongdoing?...
Therefore the law is paralyzed, and justice never prevails....
Habakkuk 1:2-3

#390739 - 03/26/12 01:55 AM Re: crossroads [Re: traveler]
Jim1104 Offline

Registered: 03/17/11
Posts: 410
Loc: Louisiana, USA
I am so happy for you Avery. Enjoy and take good care of yourself my friend. YOU are a success!


#390753 - 03/26/12 05:12 AM Re: crossroads [Re: Jim1104]
phoenix321 Offline

Registered: 09/26/11
Posts: 912
Loc: USA, FL
Best of luck, Avery. I wish you godspeed. It's nice to see a success here.


A guy opens the front door and sees a snail on his doorstep. He picks up the snail and throws it across the street in a neighbor's yard. A year later, the guy opens the front door and the same snail is on his doorstep. The snail says, "What the f*ck was that about?"

#390759 - 03/26/12 07:14 AM Re: farewell - crossroads [Re: Avery46]
pbert53 Offline
Greeter Emeritus

Registered: 10/26/09
Posts: 576
Loc: Washington, USA
Very cool Donnie!

That gives me hope and encouragement, thank you.

take care



If you cannot control what happens to you, you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.

~ adapted from: Sri Ram

#390760 - 03/26/12 07:29 AM Re: farewell - crossroads [Re: pbert53]
peroperic2009 Offline

Registered: 10/09/11
Posts: 3864
Loc: South-East Europe
Wish you all best Avery!
We will miss you here, you were contributing so much to our healing!
Please check us from time to time smile...
Take care of yourself.

My story

#390797 - 03/26/12 01:49 PM Re: farewell - crossroads [Re: peroperic2009]
Still Offline

Registered: 02/16/07
Posts: 7011
Loc: FEMA Region 1

I'm very happy for you.

I give you this badge for your strength, courage, love of you fellow-man and for your work in helping others. This badge is given for your determination as well. You have improved lives.

Take this badge and march-on to your life with God!

God Bless! And don't look back.

#390804 - 03/26/12 02:34 PM Re: farewell - crossroads [Re: Still]
lapchinj Offline

Registered: 06/07/11
Posts: 1485
Loc: New York
Peace,Rainbows & Healing

Edited by lapchinj (03/18/13 01:07 AM)
Stick around, It will get better....🌹🌹🌹

#390806 - 03/26/12 03:22 PM Re: farewell - crossroads [Re: Avery46]
EdfromNYC Offline

Registered: 02/18/10
Posts: 334
Loc: New York City
Its good to read your success and I understand the progression as you put it and your need to move on from daily posting.

You've been an encouraging voice to me and I thank you for that and I wish you continuing success.

And more, much more, the heart may feel,
Than the pen may write or the lip reveal.
Winthrop Mackworth Praed

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