The Ayres victim who runs the Ayres blog urges Sandusky victims to come forward:

To the Jerry Sandusky Victims Who Have Not Come Forward:


Before I decided to speak up and say something to authorities, when, as an adult, everything began falling apart, I was very afraid of what would happen to me if I spoke up, and reported to authorities. I was afraid that I would be seen as culpable because I didnít report when I was a child, I was afraid that I could be compelled to testify against my will, facing the gut wrenching embarrassment in court. Everything was falling apart, and I just wanted to hide.

I was following the news of the scumbag who molested me when I was a child. I had been looking for news for years, and when news finally broke, I posted comments on a message board. Ultimately I made contact with a person who was looking for victims to come forward to help the DA build their case. I finally did come forward. I used a throw-away cell phone to call the police, and asked about what would happen to me if I gave them my name. After talking to the officer, reassured that they wouldnít want someone on the stand who didnít want to be there, I went in and filed a report.

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