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#387729 - 02/29/12 09:33 AM Am I the only one who can't cry?
Yerac Offline

Registered: 02/22/12
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Loc: Southern CA

#387732 - 02/29/12 10:04 AM Re: Am I the only one who can't cry? [Re: Yerac]
Drop Offline

Registered: 04/16/11
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i havent cried either since i was about 7 orso...
It was a coping mechanism (crying is bad, crying gets you beat up even worse) that turned itself against me i guess. You will cry when you're ready... We're not the only people that don't cry/didn't cry for a long time, trust me.
I didn't even cry when my brother died, that doesn't mean my world didn't crumble and fall in pieces that day. It doesn't mean i didn't cry.. just no tears.
And hey you can cry for other people that's a start!

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#387764 - 02/29/12 05:23 PM Re: Am I the only one who can't cry? [Re: Yerac]
little big man Offline

Registered: 06/19/10
Posts: 123
Loc: nevada
I could not cry for years. I was numb. Now I cry at the drop of a hat.

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There is the Thinker and with meditation, the one who watches the Thinker. Get to know the one who watches the thinking. The mind is inherantly pure, we can always go there. An empty mind is a ready mind, it is ready for anything.

#387773 - 02/29/12 06:31 PM Re: Am I the only one who can't cry? [Re: Yerac]
pufferfish Offline

Registered: 02/26/08
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Loc: USA
Originally Posted By: Yerac
Don't get me wrong, I occasionally manage to squeeze out a few tears, always in response to someone else's pain, never my own.

Survivors will sometimes compartmentalize their brain. In order not to "feel" the distress of their past, they have shut off access to the emotional parts of the brain. They regain the ability to feel and cry as they proceed in therapy.


#387826 - 02/29/12 10:49 PM Re: Am I the only one who can't cry? [Re: pufferfish]
Survivinguy Offline

Registered: 01/22/09
Posts: 318
Loc: Colorado
Yerac - ditto for along time man!

Even after I was flooded with flashbacks of the abuse I didn't cry for years. I had flashbacks of awful, awful memories - horrible things but every memory and my processing of all the memories was completely void of emotion.

I have no idea what finally triggered it but about three years ago I had what I call an emotional flashback - for whatever reason all the emotions of what happened to me came flooding back - it was so overwhelming I literally fell to the floor and just started crying.

I agree with the other replies here - it will come and it's, in my experience, normal that the tears haven't come yet.

Heal well,


I have to survive and I hope to thrive.

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#387838 - 03/01/12 12:39 AM Re: Am I the only one who can't cry? [Re: Yerac]
westchesterguy Offline

Registered: 11/14/09
Posts: 421
Loc: Westchester County NY
Originally Posted By: Yerac
...a few tears, always in response to someone else's pain, never my own. ..Any suggestions?

your pain is probably more than theirs, yerac.

is there a rule saying that shedding tears is the only way to physically recognize or acknowledge or combat the pain you feel? and bring peace?

i would say that the "inability to cry" at all -- never -- be it funeral, wedding, birth of child, watching bodies fall 100 stories and pop open on the ground on 9.11 as i did here in manhattan - whatever -- no tears would be a major problem in my view.

but you do cry you typed. so, what is the issue? what if we guys get more response out of -- something else? you know, taking up boxing....where that contact with a punching bag soothes our soul? karate? smashing pumpkins. did you try any of that? where are the rules? who says what is right for men? (i'll answer, not a damn soul alive today can say what is right for men.)

i write screenplays. so i'm forced to use "crying" as a tool that works for a movie given its a "cultural symbol" for reconciliation, cleansing, and change in a character. but that is not real.

i don't know where that symbolism of crying came from - but i find that in real life we are far more complex, and thus deserve and need more sophisticated tools to express our emotions. just my view.


#387846 - 03/01/12 02:30 AM Re: Am I the only one who can't cry? [Re: westchesterguy]
Edward Wong Offline

Registered: 11/25/11
Posts: 42
I can't cry either. SSRIs have left me emotionally sterile.

#387863 - 03/01/12 04:39 AM Re: Am I the only one who can't cry? [Re: Edward Wong]
redsox046 Offline

Registered: 09/06/10
Posts: 56
I was the same way for awhile. I rarely ever cried, and when i did i felt disconnected from the emotions that brought it up, so it made it feel fake. Emotions are something that are a kept in our bodies and if you disconnected from a part of your body or your body entirely during the abuse to protect yourself, the way to really feel your emotions related to the abuse and cry your pain is to reconnect with your body. For me, that part of my body is my chest. That is where i feel the most numb and disconnected and times when i have been able to feel more connected with it, i feel more and have been able to cry.
God Bless,

#387871 - 03/01/12 06:03 AM . [Re: redsox046]
Life's A Dream Offline

Registered: 08/25/11
Posts: 886
Loc: Bouvet Island

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#387877 - 03/01/12 08:21 AM Re: Am I the only one who can't cry? [Re: Life's A Dream]
1lifenow Offline

Registered: 03/07/11
Posts: 437
Loc: west coast
Every time Clarence got his wings. About the only time i really cried. Make believe - about a man who finally gets to see that people really cared about him deeply. He didnt really have to die.

Even when my children were born the doctor commented how cool and collected i was. Still havent for my mother. Its the way it goes. I know i will someday, i am getting much better at just letting the emotion wash over me without trying to pre-program it. No longer rehearsing the lines i am going to say. That part has been really freeing. Turns out i can be funny, who knew.

Originally Posted By: Life's A Dream
People ask "and how does that make you feel?" and I always feel like my answer is a lie. I've never been, but I would think this would make therapy difficult, because I have to write a>
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