My story is sad, my story is like all other that post there stoies. I set here and wonder when will it all end, the anger, sadness, depresstion, unhappyness, that I go through each and every day. I have been talking with my T for over a year and it has helped some what. I even went to a recovery weekend last may which help to open the doors that where closed for many year, like 30 plus years, which it left me feeling empty and made it harder on me. I came home with all my emation opened, did not know what to do with them all of my emation so I took it out on my wife. I have been looking for a program to go into to get the help I need with my intermicy, lack of being able to have intermicy, sex, be more affecnate with my wife with out pulling away. I have not been able to find a place that can help me, the one that I can find are costly, or my ins will pay 80% which mean a lot of out of pocket money, which it is hard to come up with. I have looked all over for a program that would allow me to work on all my issues, I know if I did one for 4 week it would help me so much, Why do they not have program for male survivor of sexual abuses, or other abuses why why why, when will it all end for all of us. We live our life feeling lost, angery, sad, with great depresstion, issues with all our relationship, help me help me please if anyone know of a two to four week treatment center to help with truma issues. Let me know thank you