I wrote a letter to five family members,
3 sisters and 2 brothers. I heard back from my 2 brothers already. Why am I surprised?
I didn't like that my parents drinked all the time that I was growing up, but my younger brother blames me for tormenting him all his life. Who else would watch over him?
1 Sister doesn't return calls or write ethier and with the last comment I made to her, was that she was neglected when she was growing up also but she said that she was/is use to being treated like a second class person in our family, oblivious to some truth.
I have and they have patterns carried from childhood into adulthood life, depression, insecurity, anger, and living in denial.
What gets to me is that I'm the focus of this, when it was our parents that were the ones abusing us or neglecting us.
Misplace trust and loyality beyond reason to people who don't deserve it.
I can't wait to hear from the rest. :rolleyes: fmighell anc ak