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#378660 - 12/08/11 10:29 AM skin
Fidex Offline

Registered: 11/09/11
Posts: 37
I don't like the winter but I'm thankful for the cold whether
because I can cover up everything. I'm embarrassed by my arms because of all my juvenile tattoos I used to love to show off.
Sometimes I still like them, usually not. I was taught
"your body is a temple".
but this was always quoted in terms of what i do to myself. Now I know where it comes from, the years of my grandma telling me so, make the parallel years i was a very young sinner that much more painful.
and i look in mirrors, and my chest says only god can judge me, but i think about those few months before I was eighteen, and my friend had a tattoo gun, and I was bad enough to let him practice on me.
I built this perception around myself and opened up to anyone who wants to judge me to do so as harshly as possible
And I don't want that anymore.
But I don't know who's problem it is; others for judging, or mine for doing the same

I have one on my temple (of all places) that's small but it's still on my fucking face. the guy who did it asked me if i was sure, i thought he was concerned it'd be too painful. he said no, but it's going to make it real hard to get a job.
sometimes they remind me that I didn't give a fuck, that I accepted I was doomed, and I'd die young because that's what we do.
I get older and i plan on getting older still, and they're just like all those old bomb shelters people built in the 50s in preparation for the nuclear war that hasn't happened yet.
I thought i needed them. can never be too prepared.
I'm thankful for long sleeves

#378662 - 12/08/11 11:54 AM Re: skin [Re: Fidex]
limit Offline

Registered: 04/23/11
Posts: 131

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#378716 - 12/08/11 08:08 PM Re: skin [Re: limit]
Asmodeus Offline

Registered: 10/25/05
Posts: 112
Loc: Vestavia, Alabama, USA
I've never got a tatoo because I'm afraid that I'll regret it years later, and I've heard that getting them removed is more painful and more expensive than getting them put on is. But for the last month I've been entertaining the thought of having the kanji for "survivor" put somewhere on my arm or hand.

I may not be perfect, but at least I'm not fake.

#378723 - 12/08/11 09:22 PM Re: skin [Re: limit]
Fidex Offline

Registered: 11/09/11
Posts: 37
lol his own name
I think you're right, i can say it's just where i've been. Most of it never meant much to me i never thought, 'I'll get this symbol for x reason'.
I know they don't represent me or anything really, just mindless body art, sometimes drunk decisions, sometimes sober. It's just funny now, that i'd roll my sleeves up in spring summer and fall so everyone could see all this bad art
(really most of them aren't even well done and some of them are faded you know when the black starts to turn greenish because I neglected them)
my partner laughs at this particular one I have, and I laugh too, and my friends have shit tattoos and horrible piercings and we can laugh at eachother but I think the humor is lost on "outsiders", like the interviewers I used to get for jobs who'd look at my hands and my wrists and my sad resume and you know what they're thinking.
because it's standard to judge on knuckle tattoos. and getting fired from food service. lol
My biggest regret in life definitely isn't my tattoos. yes they are sometimes regretful but they took a a few hours tops away from my life, plus after care which just called for a little lotion.
tattoos didn't scar me, they didn't hurt that much, they came after everything else, some are concurrent with bad relationships, stupid times, dedication to a girl, you know, but overall.
Rambling at this point.

Sgtpepper, that's great, get it done if you want.
I've only stopped recently and we'll see how long that lasts. people say tattooing can become an addiction, i don't know if I'd really call it that, but the more my skin progresses the more I think, one more wouldn't hurt.
this one's different afterall, it'll look good.


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