This is a friendly reminder that some fora on the site are aimed to specific subject matter. Users of all walks are asked to be cognizant of a forum's specific aim, which is typically defined at the top of the forum page.

For example, someone who is not gay but is posting in the gay forum should do so with the idea of either supporting those in that forum, or seeking feedback on issues specific to that forum. It would not be acceptable for a straight user to be seeking support on heterosexual relationships in that forum. Care should also be taken that the straight user does not hijack a post with a heterosexual issue. Caution against hijacking should be a consideration in all fora for all users.

Using this example, it is acceptable for CSA users to post in the ASA forum seeking common ground, seeking feedback or offering support. It would not be acceptable to hijack a post, or create a new post, towards processing CSA-related issues.

Unless otherwise indicated in the de>
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