I am a survivor. I am tough but fair. My various job assignments over the decades, included working alongside and or with pro NFL teams, and inside familiarity with college high profile football players.

In general, a well funded college program, and I am only familiar with football, resembles a rock and roll tour or pro franchise , in many aspects. The players, coaches and staff are focused on the program, and rarely have the time or ability to do much else. They are professional, and are there to win. I ate, flew and worked in these situations at various times. The players, let us use college football from now on, train and spend most of their off class times in the athletic facilities. They generally sleep or reside in a special dorm, apartment or off campus. They eat ,away from the other students, so they can get maximum nutrition and higher quality food. They have tutors for any classes they need help with. The training table , or elite chow halls, serve great food, and it is a common practice for team staff and guests and media to sometimes eat alongside team members. The access is closely monitored to manage the process. Before a home game, the team and staff will check into a nice hotel, even in the home town where they reside and attend school. Upon arrival at the check in, the player/staff names are generally on an envelope at a table, away from the regular check in. You get your room keys, schedule and last minute detail sheets. As a staffer or school official, you might get a single room. In my work, I was generally sharing a room with a co-worker. In any case the hotel room assignments are pre-arranged and set by the team manager or travel secretary. If I am a top tier coach or staffer i might be able to bring my wife or a pal. in any case, the team managers know who is in each room.

At meal time, especially on the road, there would be a private banquet room in the hotel with high quality food in unlimited quantities. When the entire team is ready to leave a facility, before or after the game or a practice, there are delux motorcoaches awaiting, generally with a local police escort. At airports, I hate to shatter your concept of college spending. but in all cases I know about, elite college football teams fly on chartered jets, frequently a normal airline provides the aircraft, as a private , seasonal plan. We never went through an airport or check in, if you were part of the entourage. Sometimes TSA sends a team to pre-inspect the passengers, as they board the busses. The busses were led directly onto the airport tarmac by police cars, often with red lights and sirens. Your luggage and gear is along, in a truck and loaded for you.

At game time, the boosters and others beg to get sideline passes. In almost all cases major football powerhouses, have state troopers from the home state, along the trip and with the coach on the sidelines. A place like Penn State is such a long running , well oiled machine, there is no stress on the travels. This all leads to the flaw in the PSU affair.,the team and college knew who Sandusky had along, slept in the hotel with and dined alongside the team with.

He never brought along his wife or relatives, by all accounts/...he always had a young boy or two. the head coach, the state troopers, the press...they saw all this. More telling is the simple fact that when Sandusky retired, in a normal world, other teams would have recruited him and hired him on the spot...not one apparently called...they all knew...The NCAA would scream to the high heavens if anyone with a college team got extra laundry cash or trips for a vacation, or induced for recruiting. They always know whats going on...but not here.. The PSU football program was sacred, for the cash it generated, some reports say it is a $50 million dollar a year program, if you add in Tv rights,merchandise and allied income. Mot to mention the entire town and state have alums in all walks of life that would cut off their left arm to do whatever Paterno might need, or get a sideline pass...

The sports books in vegas, and the underground economy, rely on college football to generate billions..often more action than NFL games. It is business.