Recently I saw the 2005 Spanish film, 'The Night Of The Brother' (La Noche Del Hermano,) and it really touched me, as someone who was abused by his older brother. The film begins with the 17 year old Jaimi, pale, sensitive, lost, trying to deal with the fact that his older brother has recently killed their parents, and that the (failed) plan was to kill him as well.

His older brother is in prison, but Jaimi's still being threatened, manipulated, and living in fear of his brother's creeping influence via his friends who want to break him out. In the amazing performance by the lead, you can read the history of how he was taken advantage of, bullied, controlled by, and forced to live in the shadow of his older brother for so many years. He has to make a decision, and the right one to find a way out for himself.

I found this film very affirming and inspiring. I highly recommend it.

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